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VRLA Battery

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AGM VRLA Batteries

Champion AGM VRLA Batteries Capacity from 0.3Ah to 3000Ah,voltage: 2V/4V/6V/12V/24V 
* Long-Duration (LD) grid energy storage systems                                                                     
* Electric vehicles and charging stations, tourist coaches, yachts, wind and solar energy storage power, traffic signals
* Solar hybrid street lighting, UPS power supply, home storage
* Coal, disaster relief emergency, weather radar, electricity, smart grid, communication base stations
* Hospitals, finance, telecommunications , system critical backup power systems

AGM VRLA Battery Features

*Long design life(25℃):5 years-10 years

*Low self-discharge rate:≤3% per month

*High sealed reaction efficiency:≥99%

*Excellent rate discharge performance

*Wide operation temperature: ﹣15℃ to 40℃

*Structure:compact design, low internal reisistance

*Plate: pasted flat Plate with Lead calcium grid

*Separator:AGM separator

*Battery case:ABS(UL94-HB) or UL 94-V0 is optional

*Certificate:CE,ISO9001,IEC60986、IEC61427、GB/T 19639.1-2014

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