Do you know about Gel Battery?

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There is a deep discharge protection mechanism inside the Gel battery, and the deep discharge battery can still be connected with the load. Charging within four weeks damage battery performance. After charging, the rated capacity of the battery can be quickly restored without affecting the battery life. Lead-acid battery deep discharge will damage the battery permanently, once discharged, if the battery can not be recharged and restored in a short time, the battery will be scrapped immediately. In other words, after a long period of charging, some of the battery capacity can be restored, battery life and reliability will be greatly reduced. Gel batteries can be divided into 2V gel batteries and 12V gel batteries.



What are the advantages of gel battery?

How To make a gel battery?

Why gel batteries last longer?


What are the advantages of GEL battery?

Gel battery is actually a very common type of battery. Both dry cells and thermal cells can be used in a dry cell, that is, as a solvent, to slow down the rate of chemical reactions, so that the current is not quickly consumed in the thermal battery inside, generally used to isolate the battery and other components (heat, light, insulation) There is no leakage phenomenon, the Gel battery is solid inside, does not contain electrolyte liquid, is not limited by the appearance, can be made into an ultra-thin cell, the Gel battery can reach the thinnest 0.5 mm, high safety, the Gel battery is very resistant to heavy loads or high temperatures; they are lightweight and do not require a case to protect them.


How To make a gel battery?

Firstly, the whole positive electrode of the induced Gel and the negative electrode of the induced Gel were prefabricated, and then the whole positive electrode of the induced Gel battery and the negative electrode of the induced Gel batteries were covered and wound into a hot-combined electric core and put into the outer packaging of the composite film, and the liquid electrolyte is injected into it. Finally, the composite film outer packaging injected with liquid electrolyte is heat-sealed to form a primary Gel battery, in the preset reaction environment, the liquid electrolyte in the primary liquid lithium battery is changed into a Gel shape to form a gel lithium battery. The preset reaction environment includes preset time, preset temperature, preset pressure, the inducer in the gel-heated anode will polymerize with the liquid electrolyte in the preset reaction environment, which will make the liquid electrolyte become gel-like, and the resulting lithium battery electrolyte will be gel-like, thus, the leakage of the electrolyte is eliminated and the safety performance is improved effectively.


Why gel batteries last longer?

The Gel battery has a lower internal density, a larger battery size, and a lower conversion efficiency, with up to 15 watts of power, which is why Samsung has not been using fast chargers. Mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi are developing rapidly in fast charging of batteries. No matter what kind of battery damage, even though the knife, etc. Will Not Explode; only a slight leakage of Gel battery liquid, more serious will smoke and so on. The advantages of Gel batteries are lightweight, more charge cycles, and longer battery life.

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