Do you know what is 2V Lead Acid Batteries?

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2V Lead-acid battery is a kind of battery whose electrode is mainly made of lead and its oxide, and the electrolyte is a sulfuric acid solution. When the 2V Lead-acid battery is discharged, the main component of the positive electrode is lead dioxide, and the main component of the negative electrode is lead, and the main component of the positive and negative electrode is lead sulfate. A single cell 2V Lead-acid battery has a nominal voltage of 2.0 v, can discharge to 1.5 v, can charge to 2.4 v; in an application, six single-cell lead-acid batteries are often connected in series to form a nominal 12 v lead-acid battery, as well as 24 v, 36 V, 48 V and so on. 2V Lead-acid battery includes 50Ah 2V Lead Acid Batteries.


What are the main characteristics of lead-acid batteries?

What are the economic benefits of lead-acid batteries?

How temperature affects lead-acid batteries?


What are the main characteristics of lead-acid batteries?

1、 Safety seal. In normal operation, the electrolyte will not leak from the 2V Lead-acid battery terminal or Shell. No free acid special suction separator will keep the acid inside, there is no free acid inside the 2V Lead-acid battery, so the battery can be placed in any position.

2、 Venting system. When the internal pressure of the battery exceeds the normal level, the lead-acid battery will emit excess gas and automatically reseal to ensure that there is no excess gas in the 2V Lead-acid battery. 

3、 Easy maintenance. Since the Gas Composite System Converts the generated gas into water, there is no need to add water during the use of 2V Lead-acid battery.

4、 Long Service Life. The lead-calcium Alloy Railing 2V Lead-acid battery with corrosion-resistant structure can be used for floating charge for 10-15 years. Stable quality and high reliability. Adopting advanced production technology and a strict quality control system, lead-acid battery has stable quality and reliable performance. 100% voltage, capacity, and seal online inspection.

5、 Security authentication. 2V Lead-acid battery is UL safe certified.


What are the economic benefits of lead-acid batteries?

The main market of the 2V Lead-acid battery is a stable and guaranteed civil market, with the development of science and technology, the popularization and use of civil electrical appliances, the market prospect is very good. Among the cylindrical batteries, alkaline mno2 batteries account for 75% in the USA, 48% in Europe, and 25% in Japan. China is expected to produce 8 billion dry cells in 1995, which is the world's largest producer of dry cells. At 25%, the production of alkaline in-mno2 batteries is 2 billion units per year, but the domestic per capita is only 2 units per year, not including the export market (Middle East, Africa, Central and South America and Europe, etc.), so the domestic and international market is very large.

The life of the Lead acid battery increases with increasing temperature. In the temperature range from 10 °C to 35 °C, each rise of 1 °C increases about 5 ~ 6 cycles, and in the temperature range from 35 °C to 45 °C, each rise of 1 °C can prolong the life span by more than 25 cycles. 2V Lead-acid battery life increases with temperature in a certain temperature range because the capacity increases with temperature. If the discharge capacity is constant, the discharge depth will decrease and the solid life will be prolonged when the temperature rises.

For more information on the 2V Lead-acid battery, read this article.

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