Do you really have a good knowledge of 2V gel batteries?

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Gel battery is an improvement of ordinary lead-acid batteries with liquid electrolytes. It replaces sulfuric acid electrolyte with colloidal electrolyte, which is better than ordinary batteries in terms of safety, storage capacity, discharge performance, and service life.

The gel battery uses a gel-like electrolyte, and there is no free liquid inside. Under the same volume, the electrolyte has a large capacity, a large heat capacity, and a strong heat dissipation capacity, which can avoid the phenomenon of thermal runaway in general batteries.



What are the structural characteristics of 2V gel batteries

What is the working principle of 2V gel battery?

What are the advantages of 2V batteries compared to batteries of other voltages?

How to maintain the gel battery?


What are the structural characteristics of gel batteries?

Electrolyte: The electrolyte of the gel battery is a colloid. The main material is made of imported fumed silica. When it is injected, it is in a dilute sol state. It can fill the entire plate space in the battery and make all parts of the plate react evenly. Its rich liquid volume design prevents the battery from drying out under high temperature and overcharge conditions. Its heat capacity is large, heat dissipation is good, and thermal runaway will not occur. The electrolyte is in a gel state and does not flow in the finished battery, so there is no leakage or delamination.

Polar plate: The positive plate of the gel battery is a tubular plate, which can effectively prevent the shedding of living materials. The frame of the positive plate is formed by die-casting of lead-calcium multi-element alloy. Its alloy structure has fine and compact grains and good corrosion resistance. The negative plate is paste-coated The electrode plate and grid are radial structures, which is beneficial to improve the utilization of living materials and high current discharge. The alloy adopts lead-calcium multi-element alloy, which has high hydrogen evolution potential and low resistance.

Safety valve: The safety valve adopts German technology. The opening and the closing valve have constant pressure and high reliability. It can avoid the expansion and rupture of the battery shell and the drying up of the electrolyte.


What is the working principle of gel battery?

The main component of the gel battery is a functional compound with a particle size close to nanometers, which has good rheology and is easy to implement in the preparation and filing of lead-acid batteries. After the colloidal electrolyte enters the battery or is charged for several hours, it will gradually gel, turning the liquid electrolyte into a gel. The gel is added with a variety of surfactants to help prevent gelation before filling the battery, and It is helpful to prevent the sulfation of the electrode plate after filling the battery, reduce the corrosion of the grid, and improve the reaction utilization rate of the active material of the electrode plate.


What are the advantages of 2V batteries compared to batteries of other voltages?

The 2V gel battery generally has a large capacity, a flexible series connection of voltage levels, accurate voltage detection, and relatively low replacement cost after damage. It is suitable for high-reliability applications with online voltage monitoring equipment, but the series connection structure is more complicated and bulky. High-voltage colloidal batteries have relatively low capacity, single-cell damage must be replaced as a whole, relatively high maintenance cost, single-cell voltage detection is not possible, and it is not suitable for high-reliability applications that require a real-time understanding of battery conditions, but it has the advantage of compact structure. It is more convenient to apply under suitable voltage conditions.


How to maintain the gel battery?

On the one hand, the gel battery should be cleaned frequently, and the appearance of the battery and the working environment should be kept clean and dry. The battery should be cleaned to avoid generating static electricity; use a damp cloth to clean the battery, prohibit the use of organic solvents such as gasoline, alcohol, and do not use a cloth containing these substances to wipe the battery.

On the other hand, it is necessary to regularly check and maintain the gel battery, check whether the poles and connecting strips are clean, whether there is oxidation or corrosion. If the situation is serious, clean and reduces resistance. Check whether the connection is loose, if there is, tighten it. Check whether the battery pole has acid creep or leakage and whether there is acid leakage around the safety valve, etc.


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