Do you really know how to use gel batteries?

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Many people don’t know that the original gel battery is also a kind of lead-acid battery. The gel battery is an improvement of the ordinary lead-acid battery with liquid electrolytes. It replaces the sulfuric acid electrolyte with the colloidal electrolyte. The service life and other aspects are improved compared with ordinary batteries. Its performance is better than valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries and has many advantages. The following will introduce some of the advantages of gel batteries and related information about gel batteries.



What are the advantages of 2V gel batteries?

lWhat is the working principle of 2V gel battery?

When charging a 2V gel battery, will it release as much harmful gas as a lead-acid battery?

Where can 2V batteries be used?


What are the advantages of gel batteries?

1. The fumed silica in the gel battery is made of high-quality colloid, the electrolyte is evenly distributed, and there is no acid stratification.

2. The electrolyte in the gel battery is in a gel-fixed state, does not flow or leak, so all parts of the electrode plate can react evenly.

3. The gel battery adopts strict assembly technology and has excellent high-rate discharge performance.

4. There is too much electrolyte in the gel battery, the battery has a larger heat capacity, a stronger heat dissipation capacity, and a wider operating temperature range.

5. All high-purity raw materials in the gel battery are used, and the self-discharge electrode of the battery is small.


What is the working principle of gel battery?

Regardless of whether it is a valve-regulated gel battery using a glass fiber diaphragm or a valve-regulated gel battery using a colloidal electrolyte, they all use the cathode absorption principle to seal the battery.

When the battery is charged, the positive electrode will release oxygen and the negative electrode will release hydrogen. Oxygen evolution on the positive electrode starts when the positive electrode charge reaches 70%. The precipitated oxygen reaches the negative electrode to achieve the purpose of cathode absorption. The hydrogen evolution of the negative electrode starts when it is charged to 90%, coupled with the reduction of oxygen on the negative electrode and the increase of the hydrogen overpotential of the negative electrode itself, to avoid a large number of hydrogen evolution reactions.


When charging a 2V gel battery, will it release as much harmful gas as a lead-acid battery?

First of all, the 2V gel battery is also a lead-acid battery, so it will leak when charging.

However, the gas in those 2V gel batteries is not as bad as imagined. The main component of the gas is hydrogen, but because hydrogen is released from the inside of the battery, it contains a small amount of sulfuric acid. This part of sulfuric acid is some harmful gas harmful to the human body. Some devices will also be affected at this time. corrosion.

However, the current 2V gel battery releases very little gas during charging. Only by ensuring that the environment is ventilated, the impact of these acid gases on the equipment and the human body can be ignored.

Where can gel batteries be used?

On the one hand, it can be used in the information industry, such as backup power for telecommunications, mobile, railway, airport, and other systems.

On the other hand, it can also be used as a backup power source for solar and wind power generation and energy storage in power systems, petrochemical systems, and nuclear power plants.

Finally, gel batteries can also be used in the medical industry, such as medical equipment, emergency lighting, UPS backup power.


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