Do you really know what is the 2v Lead Acid Battery?

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All 2v lead-acid batteries that use acidic aqueous solutions as electrolytes are collectively referred to as acid 2v lead-acid batteries, and 50Ah 2V lead-acid batteries are the most typical of them. The main advantages of acid batteries are high working voltage, wide operating temperature, good high and low rate discharge performance, abundant source of raw materials, and low price. The disadvantage is that the energy density is low, which makes it larger in size and weight. 2v Lead Acid Battery, the positive electrode is lead dioxide, the negative electrode is a sulfuric, the electrolyte is sulfuric acid aqueous solution, and the separator (diaphragm) uses microporous rubber separators, microporous plastic separators, or others according to different types of 2v Lead Acid Batteries. Material, the battery shell is made of hard rubber, engineering plastics, glass steel, and other materials.



What is the structure of lead-acid batteries?

What is the principle of lead-acid batteries?

How to use lead-acid batteries?


What is the structure of lead-acid batteries?

The 2v Lead Acid Battery is mainly composed of three parts: container, plate, and separator. The container of the 2v Lead Acid Battery is used to store the electrolyte and support the plates, so it must have the characteristics of preventing acid leakage, corrosion resistance, sturdiness, and high-temperature resistance. According to different materials, commonly used 2v Lead Acid Battery containers include glass tanks, lead-lined wood tanks, plastic tanks, and hard rubber tanks.

What is the principle of lead-acid batteries?

The two sets of plates of the 2v Lead Acid Batteries are inserted into the dilute sulfuric acid solution and chemically changed to produce voltage. When direct current is applied (charging), the lead oxide on the positive plate becomes brown lead dioxide (PbO2), and the lead oxide on the negative plate becomes gray velvet lead (Pb, also called sponge-like) lead). When the 2v Lead Acid Battery is discharged, the active materials on the positive and negative plates absorb sulfuric acid and chemically change, and gradually become lead sulfate (PbSO4). When the active materials on the positive and negative plates become the same lead sulfate, The 2v lead acid batteries drop to the point where they can no longer be discharged. At this time, the 2v Lead Acid Battery needs to be charged to restore the original lead dioxide and velvet lead, so that the 2v Lead Acid Battery can continue to discharge.

How to use lead-acid batteries?

Charging for the first time. A new or long-term 2v Lead Acid Battery needs to be discharged for the first time before use. The steps are as follows:

 1.Unscrew the water filling cap first, remove the seal of the small hole on the cap, and make the air unobstructed.

 2.Add the prepared electrolyte with a density of 1.285 (note that sulfuric acid should be slowly poured into distilled water when preparing the electrolyte), and add it to 10-15mm above the separator.

3.After adding the electrolyte, let the 2v Lead Acid Battery stand for 2 to 3 hours to connect the positive and negative poles of the 2v Lead Acid Battery to the positive and negative poles of the power supply, ready to discharge.

4.The preliminary charging is carried out according to the current and time specified in Table 2-59. The first stage of current charging makes the terminal voltage of each small 2v Lead Acid Battery rise to 2.4V, and then switch to the second stage of current changing until the voltage and electrolyte ratio basically no longer change within 3h.


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