How to buy EV Batteries?

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Electric vehicle batteries are the source of power for electric vehicles. The vast majority of electric vehicles are equipped with lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are low-cost and cost-effective. Because EV batteries can be recharged and can be used repeatedly, it is called a "lead-acid battery"



●Types of EV Batteries batteries

●How to buy EV Batteries batteries

●EV Batteries charging method


Types of EV Batteries

There are four types of power EV batteries that can be used by electric bicycles, namely valve-regulated lead-acid maintenance-free EV batteries, colloidal lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydroxide batteries, and lithium-ion batteries. EV batteries are widely used and widely studied by various electric vehicles in various countries due to their low price, abundant material sources, high specific power, mature technology and manufacturing process, and high resource recovery rate. The performance of lead storage EV batteries for a pure electric vehicle is: 3h rate capacity is 55Ah; 3h rate specific energy is 33Wh/kg and 84Wh/L; 75% discharge depth has a cycle life of more than 400 times. Lead batteries for hybrid electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles are basically divided into three categories: mild hybrid (that is, the electric system is mainly used for starting and recovering braking energy, and the 42V electric system that will be promoted on all cars belongs to this type), medium Hybrid type (that is, the electric system is used for starting, recovering braking energy, and driving in medium and short distances), and the heavy hybrid type (that is, the electric system is used for starting, recovering braking energy and driving for long distances, also known as " Plug-in”).


How to buy electric vehicle batteries

Check whether the product mark of EV batteries is complete. Including the name of the manufacturer, product specifications, date of manufacture, trademark; check whether the internal and external signs are consistent, especially to check whether the product body has a striking mark and the date of manufacture. Pay attention to the appearance of EV battery. Check for deformation, cracks, scratches, and traces of liquid leakage. The EV batteries terminal should be clean, free from rust, and the mark should be clear. Pay attention to the marked rated capacity of EV batteries products. The larger the rated capacity of the EV batteries, the longer the EV batteries discharge time. It is best not to buy a battery without a rated label, but pay attention to whether it is dedicated to electric vehicles. Brand batteries of well-known enterprises and large enterprises. EV batteries are generally provided by professional battery manufacturers. The quality of EV batteries produced by different brands and different manufacturers is different, and the price is also different. Well-known, large-scale enterprises have a large scale, strong technology, good after-sales service, and EV batteries quality is guaranteed. Choose an intelligent charger with an automatic control that matches the EV batteries. A suitable charger can automatically adjust the charging size and time, which is conducive to prolonging the service life of the battery.


EV Batteries charging method

Under normal circumstances, electric vehicles (not often taking people, not climbing all day), it is best to charge 60%-70% of the longest continuous mileage in the manual, which can avoid the early capacity loss of the EV batteries. Over-discharge can also be avoided. If you often bring people and climb hills, it is recommended to charge up to 50% of the longest continuous mileage in the manual. If you seldom drive and do not drive to 60%-70% of the maximum mileage in a week, it is recommended to charge it once. If you go out or do not open for a long time, it is recommended to charge once a month.

In any case, the EV batteries charging time should not exceed 8 hours, especially the situation mentioned at 3 and 4, let alone 5 hours.


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