How to maintain EV batteries?

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If you master some skills in battery use, the service life will be longer and the performance will be better. The following are common sense questions about the use of EV batteries.



How to use the EV battery to make the battery's service life as long as possible?

What is the harm to the EV battery when the EV battery is overcharged?

What are the safety precautions when using the EV battery?

What is the core device of an electric car?


How to use the EV battery to make the battery's service life as long as possible?

To have a long service life of 6V EV batteries, you must:

1. Check whether the charger parameters meet the charging parameter requirements of 6V EV batteries;

2. To see if the EV battery of the electric vehicle matches the electric vehicle, the new battery matches the electric vehicle, and the normal full electric energy accumulates 1.5 hours to 2 hours of riding. If less than 1.5 hours, it will seriously affect the battery life. The shorter the accumulated riding time, The shorter the EV battery life of electric vehicles is;

3. The slow start of the electric vehicle during the starting process helps to extend the service life of the 6V EV battery;

4. During the use of 6V EV batteries, maintenance of single charge and single discharge is done every six months to help extend the battery life.


What is the harm to the battery when the EV battery is overcharged?

If you are using inferior chargers, faulty chargers, chargers with a too high maximum charging voltage parameters, or charging the EV battery for too long, it will cause the battery to lose water aggravated, the electrolyte will dry up prematurely, and it will easily cause the charging drum to deform. Make the EV battery life ended early.


What are the safety precautions when using the battery?

1. The EV battery should not be near an open flame or high-temperature heat source, the battery should not be thrown into a fire or immersed in water, and it is strictly forbidden to expose it to direct sunlight or charge it.

2. The EV battery should not be placed in a closed container and should be well ventilated.

3. If the battery shell of the electric vehicle is found to be cracked or leaked, the battery must be replaced.

4. The electrolyte is an acidic solution. If it gets on the skin or clothing, it must be rinsed immediately with plenty of water. If it is severe, it must be sent to the hospital for treatment.

5. The EV battery must not be short-circuited or used upside down.


What is the core device of an electric car?

The four major components of an electric vehicle: battery, motor, controller, and charger are the core (main device parts) of an electric vehicle. The best performance of electric vehicles can only be exerted when the four are used reasonably. No matter which device has a problem or the relevant parameters do not meet the mutual configuration requirements, it reflects that the electric vehicle has a short driving range, and the battery life of the electric vehicle is terminated early. Therefore, the lack of mileage of electric vehicles is not entirely a battery problem.


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