How to use high rate UPS Batteries?

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At present, high rate UPS batteries have been widely used in various economic fields and play an important role in communications, e-commerce, finance, medical, petrochemical, industrial automation, and other fields. It is not only to protect the load of UPS but also to protect the products generated by the load, such as Data in the computer. As an important part of UPS, the high rate UPS battery is correctly selected and used in the standard time machine, and the service life of the high rate UPS battery is extended as much as possible.

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What is the source of the UPS battery name?

How to charge high rate UPS batteries?

What are the precautions when installing UPS batteries?

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What is the source of the UPS battery name?

UPS is called an uninterruptible power supply because it can quickly switch to the "inverter" state when the power fails so that the computer in use will not lose important files because of a sudden power failure and no time for storage in the future. High-rate UPS battery is not used as a backup power source. If you just want to use electricity during a power outage, just buy an inverter.

How to charge high-rate UPS batteries?

There are two charging methods.

The first is floating charging. The charging voltage should be strictly controlled when floating. If the rated voltage is 12V, the charging voltage should be between 13.5V and 13.8V. If the float charge voltage is too low, the high rate UPS batteries will be dissatisfied, and if it is too high, the charge will be too high. Voltage regulation should be based on the principle that the initial charging current does not exceed 0.3C (C is the rated capacity of the battery).

The other is cyclic charging. The initial charging current of the cycle shall not exceed 0.3C, and the charging ampere-hours are slightly larger than the discharging ampere-hours. It can also be charged with the constant current when the charging rate is 0. 1C charge for several hours when the charge amperage reaches 90% of the discharge ampere-hour, use the float charging voltage to charge until it is fully charged.

But these two methods have some disadvantages. During the charging process, the high rate UPS batteries voltage increases, and the charging current decreases. Since the constant voltage charging does not consider the actual state of the battery voltage, the charging voltage is always constant, and the charging current is relatively large at first, and then according to the exponential law, rapid charging will overcharge the high rate UPS batteries and easily lead to battery damage. For cyclic charging, low-current charging is used to achieve better charging effects. However, for large-capacity batteries, the charging time is very long and the aging time is relatively low, which causes a lot of inconveniences.

What are the precautions when installing UPS batteries?

1. Do not install high rate UPS batteries in a sealed space or near a fire, otherwise, there is a danger of explosion and fire.

2. Do not cover the high rate UPS batteries with vinyl films that may cause static electricity. When static electricity is generated, it may sometimes cause an explosion.

3. Do not install high rate UPS batteries in places where water may enter, otherwise, there is a risk of electric shock or fire.

4. Do not install high-rate UPS batteries in an environment exceeding -40 °C to 60 °C.

5. Do not use high rate UPS batteries in dusty places, otherwise, it may cause a short circuit of UPS batteries.

6. When putting the high rate UPS batteries into the box for use, pay attention to air circulation.

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