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OPzV Batteries

Are you choosing batteries that can be recycled and cost-effective? Champion Opzv battery will be a good choice for you. 
Champion OPzV battery range from 100Ah to 3000Ah, is a VRLA Tubular Gel single cells design that complies with International DIN standards.
It's engineered with die cast tubular grids and gelled electrolyte which reduces the need for topping up and makes the product virtually maintenance free.
It's perfect for high integrity critical applications including power generation & distribution, telecom and premium renewable energy projects.

OPzV Battery Features


     OPzV series has a design life of more than 20 years, and is even suitable for recycling under extreme environments. This series of batteries are widely used in the telecommunications industry, solar and wind power generation,  uninterruptible power supply and so on. Not only that, OPzV can also be placed at your desk for your use when certain conditions are met. 

Deep cycle Switchgear Photovoltaic
Clean energy Grid services Standby power
Reserve power Cycling service Energy storage
Distribution grid Industrial standby Control systems
Power distribution Renewable firming Switching Stations
Power transmission Oil and gas refineries Telecommunications
Alternative energy storage Uninterruptible power systems(UPS)  off-grid home solar system

Champion OPzV battery catalog

      Champion OPzV battery series has many models for you to choose from to meet your different needs. If you are interested, you can enter our official website ( to learn more, or contact us directly.Model tablePacking drawingPacking


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OPzV Batteries


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