What are the advantages of High Rate UPS Batteries?

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High Rate UPS Batteries, namely UPS, is system equipment that connects the battery (mostly lead-acid maintenance-free battery) to the host and transforms DC power through the module circuit such as the host inverter.  What are the advantages of High Rate UPS Batteries?

Here is the content list:

Easy to use

Easy for installation

Very small space occupied

high rate ups

Easy to use

No manual operation can automatically switch power supply mode, take different paths with power and no power, so conducive to reduce energy waste; High Rate UPS Batteries energy supply system only start operation when the power failure, so as will not interfere with the normal grid power supply.

Easy for installation

When installing the High Rate UPS Batteries, only need to connect the standby power supply to the circuit, it has a specific port for connection, can be connected to different interfaces for different equipment;

However, careful not to install High Rate UPS Batteries near the sealed space or fire, otherwise there is a risk of explosion and fire. Do not cover the High Rate UPS Batteries with vinyl films that may cause static electricity, and sometimes cause explosions when creating static electricity. Do not install High Rate UPS Batteries where water is possible, otherwise, there is a danger of electric shock or fire. Do not install the High Rate UPS Batteries in more than - 40 °C~ 60 °C~C environments. Do not use the High Rate UPS Batteries where dust exists, otherwise, it may cause a battery short circuit. Pay attention to the air circulation when using the High Rate UPS Batteries in the box. Do not have adhesive or labeled objects to press the upper cover, because of the exhaust valve below the upper cover, the gas generated in the battery will not escape. When the number of parallel connections is —— floating charging, the plug-in terminal battery can only be connected to three columns, and there is no special limit on the bolt fastening terminals, but the number of parallel connections increases with small reliability. In addition, when connecting the line, it is necessary to consider equal the wiring conductor and contact resistance between each column. To keep the charge and discharge battery balanced, please do not exceed three columns in actual use.

Very small space occupied

High Rate UPS Batteries does not occupy much space, it has the size of a computer host, easy to find the installation location.

High Rate UPS Batteries' main advantages mainly lie in the uninterrupted power supply capacity. When the municipal power is normal, UPS AC is rectified into DC power, and then turns the DC reverse into stable AC power without impurities, and provides the load for use. Champion Power Tech Co., Limited conducts many tests of High Rate UPS Batteries,and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need High Rate UPS Batteries, you can consider our cost-effective products. Champion Power Tech Co., Limited materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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