What are the advantages of deep cycle batteries?

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In recent years, the technology of lead-acid batteries has been continuously improved, and it has become a widely used chemical power supply. Valve regulated battery and colloid battery have become important basic industries in the development of the national economy, and they are also the core components of backup power supply, peak shaving energy storage power supply of power system, internal combustion engine power supply and other large reserve power supply. In many fields, the sales volume of lead-acid batteries is the first with its excellent performance price ratio. After the invention of deep cycle battery dedicated to the field of frequent cycle discharge, the status of lead-acid battery is more stable. At present, deep cycle battery is an important power supply device for military and civil industry, transportation equipment and so on, which plays an important supporting role in various fields.


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  • What is the meaning of a deep cycle battery?

  • What is the structure of a deep cycle battery?

  • What are the advantages of deep cycle batteries?


What is the meaning of a deep cycle battery?

Discharge depth is the ratio of the discharged capacity from the battery to the rated capacity of the battery, usually expressed as the percentage of the discharged capacity to the rated capacity of the battery. According to the recognition of most battery manufacturers and the habits of users, the battery discharge depth of 10% - 25% is shallow cycle discharge; The discharge depth of 30% - 50% is medium cycle discharge; The discharge depth of 60% - 80% is deep cycle discharge. The deep cycle battery refers to the lead-acid battery whose discharge depth is higher than 80%, but has little effect on the battery life.


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What is the structure of a deep cycle battery?

Storage battery is a device of chemical energy and electric energy mutual transformation. It stores chemical energy when charging and converts chemical energy into electric energy when discharging. Deep cycle batteries can be charged and discharged repeatedly. The basic components of lead-acid battery are positive plate, negative plate, electrolyte (sulfuric acid solution), bus bar, safety valve, separator, battery shell, positive and negative terminals, etc. The active substances of positive and negative plates are attached to the grid, immersed in a certain concentration of electrolyte, and the positive and negative plates are separated by a separator. Diaphragm generally uses microporous plastic, microporous rubber or glass fiber, etc. The separator can prevent the short circuit between the positive and negative plates, and it is also the support of the electrolyte to ensure the smooth passage of positive and negative ions in the electrolyte, so as to maintain the charge balance. Battery tank and cover are required to have strong hardness, mechanical protection and support. Polypropylene, PVC plastic and other materials are generally used. The safety valve is required to have the ability of acid resistance and new ecological oxygen corrosion resistance, good bremsstrahlung, not easy to age, harden and embrittle, etc. plastic materials are generally used.


What are the advantages of deep cycle batteries?

Deep cycle battery is a kind of lead-acid battery from the perspective of the application. The biggest characteristic of this kind of battery is small current discharge, which can discharge 100%. After deep discharge, the battery can be fully recovered. It has the following advantages:

  1. Unique deep circulation design, thick plate and high density active material, which has a longer service life in deep circulation application.

  2. Good recovery performance of deep discharge.

  3. Large capacity and high specific energy.

  4. Small self discharge.

  5. Good consistency.

  6. Good deep discharge performance, strong charge acceptance, small potential difference and large capacitance.

  7. The low temperature start-up ability, charge retention ability, electrolyte retention ability, cycle durability, vibration resistance, temperature resistance and other aspects have been significantly improved.

  8. Adapt to a wide range of environment. It can be used in the temperature range of - 40 ℃ - 65 ℃, especially at low temperature. It has good anti-seismic performance and can be used safely in various harsh environments. It is not limited by space, and can be placed in any direction.

  9. It is fast and convenient to use.


At present, there are many battery quality in the market, among which lead-acid battery has the largest use, and deep cycle battery has its unique function in many lead-acid batteries. Champion Power Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading lead-acid battery manufacturers in China. They are committed to the application of high technology and advanced equipment in every production process, and regard quality and innovation as the first priority of enterprise development. If you know something about deep cycle batteries or are engaged in related industries, you can consider our high-quality products.



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