What are the advantages of gel batteries?

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Gel batteries belong to a development classification of lead-acid batteries. The method is to add a gelling agent to sulfuric acid to make the sulfuric acid electro-liquid into a colloidal state. Batteries in which the electrolyte is in a gel state are usually called gel batteries. So what are the advantages of gel batteries? The following is a detailed introduction.

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  • Smaller industrial price

  • Main feature

  • The difference between gel battery and conventional lead-acid battery

gel battery

Smaller industrial price

With a relatively small industrial cost, a better quality gel battery is manufactured. Its discharge curve is flat and the inflection point is high. Its energy and power are more than 20% larger than that of conventional lead-acid batteries, and its lifespan is generally about twice as long as conventional lead-acid batteries. The high temperature and low-temperature characteristics are much better.

Main feature

The inside of the gel battery is mainly SiO2 porous network structure, there are a lot of tiny gaps, which can make the oxygen generated by the positive electrode of the battery migrate smoothly to the negative electrode plate, and facilitate the absorption of the negative electrode.

The gel battery has a large amount of acid, so its capacity is the same as that of the AGM battery.

The internal resistance of gel battery is relatively large, and generally does not have good high-current discharge characteristics.

The gel battery heat is easy to diffuse, not easy to heat up, and the probability of thermal runaway is very small.

The difference between gel battery and conventional lead-acid battery

The difference between gel batteries and conventional lead-acid batteries is not only that the electro-hydraulic is changed to gel. For example, non-solid hydrocolloids belong to colloidal batteries from the perspective of electrochemical classification structure and characteristics. Another example is the attachment of polymer materials in the grid, commonly known as ceramic grids, which can also be regarded as the application characteristics of gel batteries. Existing laboratories have added a targeted coupling agent to the electrode plate formula, which greatly improves the reaction utilization rate of the electrode plate active material. According to non-public data, it can reach a weight ratio energy level of 70wh/kg. Stage industrial practice and application examples of gel batteries to be industrialized.

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