What are the application areas of the front terminal battery?

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The front terminal battery is famous for its excellent high rate performance and long service life. This makes them an ideal battery choice for UPS applications. The front terminal design makes it easy to access the battery and speeds up the installation speed. So what are the characteristics of the front terminal battery? And what fields does it apply to? The following is a detailed introduction.

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  • Features

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  • Application field

front terminal battery


Low-resistance front terminal with an embedded copper core, easy to install.

The terminal pole of the front terminal battery is sealed, and the unique triple-sealed structure completely prevents acid leakage.

The front terminal battery uses a special multi-element alloy grid, which has long battery life.

A high-strength ABS battery case is used, which is resistant to vibration.

The high-pressure tight liquid glass fiber technology (AGM) of the front terminal battery ensures that the gas recombination efficiency is more than 99%.

The floating charge design life of the front terminal battery is 12 years, and the operating temperature range: -15°C ~ 55°C.

The high-tin thickened 3D curved plate design of the front terminal battery is perfectly compatible with 19” and 23” ETSI battery cabinets/racks. The special lead paste formula and colloidal electrolyte improve the charge acceptance, not only the self-discharge rate are low, but also the deep discharge Good recovery performance.

Front terminal electronic compact size

1Excellent power density

2The front terminal battery structure is specially designed for 19-inch and 23-inch ETSI racks and cabinets

3 Certification of front terminal battery: CE, ISO9001, IEC60986, IEC61427, GB/T 19639.1-2014, GB/T 19638.1-2014, YDT799-2010.

4 Optional exhaust kit, the front terminal battery allows remote exhaust outside the battery cabinet when needed

Application field

The front terminal series battery is specially designed for high durability in communication and electronic applications. The front terminal design is used on the external connection of the battery, which makes the battery loading and unloading very simple, making it the choice of UPS power supply. The battery series adopts a long and narrow structure, and the ratio of length to width of the battery reaches 3.32 to 4.46, which makes the battery have excellent heat dissipation performance and greatly reduces the possibility of thermal runaway of the battery. It can be widely used in various fields such as telecommunications, uninterruptible power supplies, power plants, substations, control systems, microwave relay stations, telemetry equipment, solar and wind power generation, and energy storage.

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