What are the application fields of deep cycle batteries?

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Since the invention of the lead-acid battery by French physicist Gaston plante in 1859, the lead-acid battery has experienced more than 160 years of development history, and has formed an independent and complete industrial system. The deep cycle battery based on the development and improvement of lead-acid battery is similar to that of lead-acid battery. Because of its advantages such as wide application range, low cost, easy access to raw materials, mature technology, stable electrical performance, and the vast majority of lead can be recycled and reused, it is widely used in many fields.


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  • What is the working principle of a deep cycle battery?

  • What are the application fields of deep cycle batteries?

  • What are the main parameters of a deep cycle battery?


What is the working principle of a deep cycle battery?

Valve regulated lead-acid batteries are mainly used in deep cycle batteries. The design principle of valve regulated lead-acid batteries is to inject the required amount of electrolyte into the plates and separators. There is no free electrolyte, and the ability to absorb oxygen is improved through the moisture characteristics of the negative electrode. In order to prevent the reduction of electrolyte, the battery is sealed, so the VRLA battery is also called a lean battery.

When the deep circulating battery is charged at the specified voltage, the oxygen released from the positive pole can be transmitted to the negative surface to be reduced to water through the diaphragm channel. The capacity of the negative plate surface is more than that of the positive plate surface in the deep circulation battery, which makes the potential increase when hydrogen is precipitated. The difference of reaction area and reaction speed makes the oxygen appear in the positive plate prior to the hydrogen in the negative plate. In this way, oxygen produced by the positive plate will reach the negative electrode through the diaphragm channel or top for chemical reaction, and water will be generated, which is the internal oxygen circulation reaction mechanism. In this charging process, the water in the electrolyte is basically not lost, so that the deep cycle battery can reach the purpose of not adding water.


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What are the application fields of deep cycle batteries?

Due to the good deep discharge cycle performance of deep cycle batteries, the capacity of the battery can be recharged 100% when it is recharged in time after deep discharge, which can meet the needs of high frequency and deep discharge. Therefore, it is more widely used than lead-acid battery and has twice the life of ordinary lead-acid batteries. Deep cycle batteries are mainly used in solar power generation, wind power generation and other new energy storage systems, electric bicycles, electric vehicles, electric tools and other fields. They are also involved in UPS, medical devices, electric toys, communication systems, computer systems, emergency power supply and other fields.


What are the main parameters of a deep cycle battery?

The main parameters of a deep cycle battery include floating charge voltage, equalizing charge voltage and current limiting value. When determining the floating charge voltage of the battery, the basic principle should be that the floating charge current can compensate the loss of battery self discharge. After a short period of shallow discharge, the floating charge energy can supplement its capacity after a period of time, so that the battery can be fully charged for a long time. When the floating charge voltage of the deep cycle battery is low or too low, or the battery needs to be recharged after discharge, or the capacity of the battery pack is insufficient, the battery pack needs to be equalized to recover its required capacity. Equalizing charging voltage is called equalizing charging voltage. Appropriate equalization of charging voltage and frequency is the basis of prolonging battery life. When the battery is charged, in order to protect the battery, the charging current must be limited. Overcharge will seriously affect the life of a deep cycle battery, so the charging current limit is very important.


Deep cycle battery has a series of excellent characteristics, such as unique deep cycle design, longer cycle life in deep cycle application, good deep discharge recovery performance, large capacity, high specific energy, small self discharge and so on, which make it occupy an important position in the field of battery. Champion Power Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading lead-acid battery manufacturers in China, specializing in the research, production and sales of lead-acid batteries. If you are engaged in deep cycle battery related industries, you can consider our high-quality products.



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