What are the characteristics of gel batteries?

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The gel battery is an improvement of the ordinary lead-acid battery with liquid electrolytes. It replaces the sulfuric acid electrolyte with the colloidal electrolyte, which is better than ordinary batteries in terms of safety, storage capacity, discharge performance, and service life.

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What are the requirements for the use environment of 12V gel batteries?

What are the advantages of 2V gel batteries?

What are the characteristics of fumed silica in a 12V colloidal battery?

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What are the requirements for the use environment of 12V gel batteries?

1. Temperature: 12V gel battery can adapt to the environment of -20℃-50℃(-4F~122F'), the relative humidity is ≤90%; the environment temperature of the same battery should be the same; the recommended environment temperature is 20-25℃(68F ~77F), storage temperature is 0℃~20℃ (32F~68F); the storage period is generally 3~6 months, and the storage period is more than 3~6 months should be recharged.

2. Altitude: The altitude of the 12V gel battery when in use does not exceed 4000m. If the installation site is in a high-cold area, the battery should take anti-freezing measures.

3. Use environment: 12V gel battery should be far away from fire, and it needs to be used in a dry, clean, and ventilated environment. There should be no large amounts of radiation, infrared radiation, organic solvents, corrosive gases, direct sunlight, and the level of ultraviolet rays is not greater than 2.

What are the advantages of 12V gel batteries?

1. The fumed silica in the 12V gel battery is made of high-quality colloid, the electrolyte is evenly distributed, and there is no acid stratification.

2. The electrolyte in the 12V gel battery is in a gel-fixed state, does not flow or leak, so all parts of the electrode plate can react evenly.

3. The 12V gel battery adopts strict assembly technology and has excellent high-rate discharge performance.

4. There is too much electrolyte in the gel battery, the battery has a larger heat capacity, a stronger heat dissipation capacity, and a wider operating temperature range.

5. All high-purity raw materials in the gel battery are used, and the self-discharge electrode of the battery is small.

What are the characteristics of fumed silica in a 12V gel battery?

The gelling agent of the gel battery is fumed silica. Fumed silica is a kind of high-purity white and odorless nanopowder material. It has the functions of thickening, anti-caking, controlling the rheology and thixotropy of the system, except for the traditional In addition to its applications, it has been widely used in 12V gel batteries in recent years.

Fumed silica in the 12V gel battery pool is mainly used for its excellent thickening and thixotropic properties. The colloidal electrolyte is made up of fumed silica and a certain concentration of a sulfuric acid solution in a certain ratio. The sulfuric acid and Water are "stored" in the silicone gel network, in the form of a "soft solid gel", which appears solid when it is still. When the 12V gel battery is charged, the increase in the concentration of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte makes it "thickened" and is accompanied by cracks. The "electrolyzed water" reaction in the later stage of charging causes the oxygen generated by the positive electrode to be absorbed by the negative electrode through these countless cracks. And further reduced to water, to achieve the gel battery sealing cycle reaction. When discharging, the concentration of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte is reduced to "thin out", and it becomes the thin glue state before the battery is poured. Therefore, the 12V gel battery has a "maintenance-free" function.

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