What are the characteristics of the AGM VRLA battery?

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Battery is a kind of device to obtain electric energy through a chemical reaction, also known as chemical power supply, which converts chemical energy into electric energy in the electrochemical process of oxidation and reduction. Lead acid battery is a kind of battery, which can work normally in a large temperature range. The symbol of the great breakthrough of lead-acid battery technology in modern times is the valve regulated lead-acid battery (VRLA) invented in the 1970s. At present, the widely used VRLA batteries are mainly AGM VRLA batteries, which are widely used because of a series of excellent characteristics.

AGM VRLA Batteries

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How does AGM VRLA battery work?

What are the characteristics of the AGM VRLA battery?

What are the application fields of AGM VRLA batteries?

How does AGM VRLA battery work?

The design principle of the VRLA battery is very simple, that is to inject a certain mass and ratio of electrolyte into the plate and separator after strict calculation. There is no free electrolyte, and the ability to absorb oxygen is improved by the moisture characteristic of the negative plate. The chemical reaction of the whole battery is carried out in a sealed shell, and the air outlet is equipped with a one-way safety valve. When the battery is charged under the specified charging voltage, the oxygen released from the positive electrode can be transferred to the surface of the negative electrode plate through the partition channel and reduced to water. The capacity of the negative plate is higher than that of the positive plate in VRLA battery, which increases the potential when hydrogen is released. In addition, due to the difference of reaction area and reaction speed, oxygen appears in the positive plate before hydrogen appears in the negative plate. In the ideal charging process, the water in the electrolyte is not lost, so the VRLA battery can achieve the goal of no water in the use process.

What are the characteristics of the AGM VRLA battery?

Compared with the traditional open type battery, AGM VRLA battery has the following characteristics.

1. the degree of sealing is high, the electrolyte is absorbed in the high porosity isolation plate like gel, and it will not flow easily, so the battery can be placed horizontally.

2. The grid of VRLA battery is made of antimony free lead alloy, so the self discharge coefficient of VRLA battery is very small.

3. The positive and negative plates of the battery are completely surrounded by the isolation plate, the effective substances are not easy to fall off, and the service life is long.

4. The volume of the VRLA battery is smaller than the old battery, but its capacity is higher than the old open battery.

5. There is no need to add any liquid in the long-term operation of the battery. At the same time, there is no acid mist and gas in the normal use process, and the maintenance workload is very small.

6. the internal resistance of the battery is small and the characteristics of high current discharge are good.

Because of the above characteristics, the AGM VRLA battery is called "maintenance free battery".

What are the application fields of AGM VRLA batteries?

The application field of AGM VRLA battery can be divided into two parts: power supply for mobile and power supply for fixed. Mobile power supply refers to the battery mainly used for trucks, forklifts, cars and railway locomotives. Fixed power supply is mainly used for telephone communication, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), security alarm, switch control, emergency light, electronic equipment and medical equipment. These two areas almost cover our daily life. Because of a series of excellent characteristics of the AGM VRLA battery, its application prospect is still bright.

As we all know, from ordinary toys and flashlights to important communication stations and power stations, batteries can be used as backup power or power supply, which is indispensable in the safe operation of many important system devices and facilities. With the development of computers, information, transportation, electric power and other undertakings, the demand for batteries is still growing. According to statistics, the annual growth rate of the demand for batteries in today's world is close to 8%. Among them, the sales volume of lead-acid batteries accounts for more than half of the total sales volume of batteries in the world. AGM VRLA batteries still need to be developed and improved. The battery products of Champion Power Technology Co., Ltd. sell well in domestic and foreign markets, and have been exported to more than 70 countries. If you are engaged in AGM VRLA battery related industries, you can consider our cost-effective products.



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