What are the charging methods of deep cycle batteries?

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The factors affecting the cycle life of deep cycle batteries can be roughly divided into internal factors and external factors. The internal factors are determined by the manufacturer's production process and technical level, and the external factors are determined by the user's use conditions. As far as the battery itself is concerned, the improper charging method is one of the main factors affecting the deep cycle life of the battery, which may lead to the rapid decline of the battery capacity, thus affecting the cycle life of the battery.


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  • What is the meaning of a deep cycle battery?

  • What are the structures of deep cycle batteries?

  • What are the charging methods of deep cycle batteries?


What is the meaning of a deep cycle battery?

Depth of discharge (DOD) refers to the percentage of the battery capacity taken out of the battery, which is usually expressed as the percentage of the ratio of the discharged capacity to the rated capacity of the battery. Deep cycle battery refers to the battery with a discharge depth higher than 80%. According to the recognition of most battery manufacturers and the habits of users, the discharge depth of shallow cycle battery should not exceed 25%, the discharge depth of 30% - 50% is medium cycle discharge, and the deep cycle battery can release 80% of the power. Because the battery life is affected by the average state of charge of the battery, we must coordinate the relationship between the cycle depth and capacity of the battery when designing a system. According to the calculation and practical operation experience, the moderate discharge depth is 50%, which is the best energy storage cost coefficient.


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What are the structures of deep cycle batteries?

Deep cycle battery is based on the development of lead-acid battery, can be regarded as a kind of lead-acid battery. The basic components of lead-acid battery are positive plate, negative plate, electrolyte (sulfuric acid water solution), bus bar, safety valve, diaphragm, battery shell, positive and negative terminals, etc., so the structure of deep cycle battery is basically the same.


What are the charging methods of deep cycle batteries?

Deep cycle battery needs a precise charging schedule to achieve its optimal performance and life. When the battery is overcharged, the active material of the plate is easy to fall off, and in serious cases, the positive and negative plates will be short circuited. If this continues, the actual capacity and cycle life of the battery will be affected.

Constant voltage charging is a technology of recharging the discharged battery. It sets the charging voltage in the overcharge area and uses the limited current to avoid damage to the battery. However, low current constant voltage charging is easy to cause insufficient battery charging.

Constant current charging is also a feasible method for deep cycle batteries, which ensures that all batteries can be fully charged during each cycle or floating charge. A big problem of constant current charging is overcharge, but charging the battery with a higher current in the early stage is conducive to the extension of battery life.

Constant voltage and constant current combined charging is one of the most effective charging methods for deep cycle batteries, which combines the advantages of constant voltage and constant current. But the main problem of this method is that it will cause premature failure of the battery.

Trickle charging is a very suitable charging method for deep cycle batteries, but it is rarely used. One of the main reasons is that this technology can not control the current and voltage. The current drop and voltage reaching the preset voltage limit is mainly determined by the charging demand of the battery.

Pulse current charging and fast charging are often mentioned. When cycling charging, the charging termination strategy is as important as charging method itself, and even more important in some cases.


In fact, some form of the repetitive process can be used to achieve the maximum cycle life of VRLA batteries, and the fixed charging method will eventually fail. In this direction, people still have a long way to go. Champion Power Technology Co., Ltd. regards creation as the core of the enterprise. It believes that attitude determines action and action determines the result. It has a long-term partner and a good reputation. If you are engaged in deep cycle battery related industries or looking for partners, you can consider our high-quality products.



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