What are the development directions of deep cycle batteries?

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With the continuous development of new technology and the continuous development and deepening of application fields, people put forward a higher performance and use characteristics requirements for chemical power supply. The traditional lead-acid battery can not meet the requirements of no maintenance, all-round work, small self discharge, long life, frequent cycle discharge, convenient and fast use. Deep cycle batteries are gradually emerging, and begin to replace the traditional lead-acid batteries. They are also marching into some traditional application fields that need frequent deep cycle discharge, and become a new generation of lead-acid batteries. At present, deep cycle batteries are widely used because of their excellent characteristics.


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  • How does deep cycle battery work?

  • What are the development directions of deep cycle batteries?

  • What are the advantages of deep cycle batteries?


How does deep cycle battery work?

The charging and discharging process of the deep cycle battery is realized by an electrochemical reaction. During the discharge of the lead-acid battery, HSO4- ions migrate to the negative plate and react with Pb on the negative plate. The formed Pb2+ ions react with SO42- ions to form PbSO4 on the surface of the negative plate and release electrons. On the positive plate, PbO2 obtains electrons from the external circuit, which are reduced to H2O and Pb2+ ions. Pb2+ ions react with SO42- ions to form PbSO4 deposited on the electrode. As the discharge proceeds, H2SO4 is consumed and H2O is generated, which leads to the decrease of electrolyte concentration in the battery. With the increase of cell internal resistance, the electromotive force decreases. H2SO4 not only conducts current, but also participates in battery reaction. When the battery is fully discharged, the positive plate and negative plate are basically transformed into PbSO4. Because the active substances at both poles are transformed into PbSO4 after discharge, it is called "bisulfation" theory. In the process of battery charging, Pb2+ on the surface of the positive plate releases electrons and acts on the electrolyte to form PbO2. Pb2+ on the surface of the negative electrode acquires foreign electrons, which makes PbSO4 transform into active material. At the same time of charging, H2SO4 is released continuously, which makes the sulfuric acid density of electrolyte increase continuously, gradually return to the original concentration, and the electromotive force increases.


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What are the development directions of deep cycle batteries?

Although deep cycle batteries have made great progress in all aspects in recent years, various new battery technologies are constantly innovating and applying, and various new batteries are constantly rising. Now deep cycle batteries are facing greater challenges. Therefore, only through continuous innovation and improvement can we better face the challenges. At present, the research directions at home and abroad mainly focus on the following aspects:

  1. Research on the battery formation process.

  2. Development and application of the new battery.

  3. Development of new corrosion resistant grid alloy materials.

  4. Homogeneity of the battery pack.

  5. New lead paste technology to improve the utilization rate of active substances and specific energy.

  6. Colloidal battery and electrolyte additives.

  7. Charger and battery charging mode.

  8. Battery failure mode analysis, early capacity decay reason analysis.

  9. Technology exploration of recycling waste lead and waste acid.


What are the advantages of deep cycle batteries?

Deep cycle battery has many excellent characteristics, such as the long cycle life can be increased by more than 30%, floating charge life can reach 8-10 years, a wide range of temperature, thickened corrosion-resistant grid, low self discharge rate, excellent deep cycle performance, good charging acceptance capacity, large capacity, etc.


Deep cycle battery is specially designed for frequent cycle discharge. It is widely used in  solar energy systems, wind energy system, golf carts, electric wheelchairs and so on. Champion Power Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading lead-acid battery manufacturers in China. It is committed to reporting to customers with the best quality, reasonable price and excellent service. If you are engaged in deep cycle battery related industries, you can consider our cost-effective products.



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