What are the factors affecting the life of deep cycle batteries?

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With the continuous improvement of lead-acid battery technology, lead-acid battery has become a widely used chemical power supply. The development of the lead-acid battery industry has an important impact on a series of large-scale reserve power supply industries, and plays an important role in the development of the national economy together with these industries. In recent years, with the development and transformation of the high-tech industry and the continuous expansion of lead-acid battery application, deep cycle battery emerged, and because of its unique advantages, it began to involve a variety of fields.


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  • What is the meaning of a deep cycle battery?

  • What are the factors affecting the life of deep cycle batteries?

  • What are the advantages of deep cycle batteries?


What is the meaning of a deep cycle battery?

The depth of discharge (DOD) of a single cell or battery is used to measure the amount of charge released, which is expressed in the form of A·h. The discharge depth can also be expressed in the form of a percentage. The discharge depth of the deep cycle battery is usually expressed in percentage. As the name suggests, a deep cycle battery refers to the battery with a discharge depth higher than 80%. In order not to damage the cycle life of the ordinary lead-acid battery, the discharge depth will be controlled below 50%. In terms of battery performance, deep cycle battery is suitable for deep discharge, that is, 100% deep discharge. After discharge, the battery can be recharged to its original capacity, and the cycle life will not be damaged.


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What are the factors affecting the life of deep cycle batteries?

How long is the service life of a deep cycle battery? It is decided by many factors. It depends not only on the internal factors of the plate, such as the formation of active substances, crystal form, porosity, plate size, grid material and structure, but also on a series of external factors, such as discharge current density, electrolyte concentration and temperature, discharge depth, maintenance condition and storage time.

When overcharging, there will be a lot of gas precipitation, at this time, the positive active material will suffer the impact of gas, which will promote the active material to fall off. In addition, the positive grid alloy will also suffer serious anodic oxidation and corrosion. Therefore, battery overcharge will shorten the service life.

The life of the battery increases with the increase of temperature. The battery life increases with the increase of temperature in a certain range, because the capacity increases with the increase of temperature. If the discharge capacity remains unchanged, the discharge depth decreases with the increase of temperature, so the service life is prolonged.

With the increase of electrolyte acid concentration and discharge current density, the battery life decreases. The reason is that under the condition of high current density, the positive lead dioxide will loose and fall off.


What are the advantages of deep cycle batteries?

Deep cycle battery has a unique deep cycle design, thick plate and high density of active material, which has a longer life in deep cycle applications. It also has good deep discharge recovery performance, large capacity, high specific energy, small self discharge, good consistency, good deep discharge performance, strong charging acceptance, small upper and lower potential difference and large capacitance. It can adapt to a wide range of environment, especially good low temperature performance, good seismic performance, and can be used safely in a variety of harsh environments. And it is fast and convenient to use, without frequent maintenance.


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