What are the items of AGM VRLA battery?

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In recent decades, valve regulated lead-acid batteries have been widely used in various industries because of their simple maintenance and safe use. Battery is the last link in the communication power supply, which plays a very important role in ensuring communication security. Power supply to the network is just like the heart to the body. Without the power supply network, there is no way to talk about it. Therefore, strengthening the maintenance and management of batteries is an important embodiment of the maintenance quality index of modern enterprises.

AGM VRLA Batteries

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What is the structure of the AGM VRLA battery?

What is the use process of the AGM VRLA battery?

What are the maintenance items of the AGM VRLA battery?

What is the structure of the AGM VRLA battery?

VRLA battery is composed of positive and negative plates, ultra-fine glass fiber separator, electrolyte, safety valve, conductive terminal, shell cover and shell. The positive and negative plates are the areas of electrochemical reaction, which are formed by coating lead paste on the grid after curing, forming and other processes. The active ingredient of the positive plate is lead dioxide, and the active ingredient of the negative plate is spongy lead. The separator is composed of ultra-fine glass fiber with porosity. The safety valve is a kind of exhaust device, which releases excess gas to keep the air tightness and liquid tightness of the battery, and keeps the internal pressure of the battery in the best safe range. The battery terminal is connected with the load to conduct current, and the battery slot and shell are made of flame retardant materials.

Compared with the positive electrode, the negative electrode active material of the battery has a surplus. The ultra-fine separator has good permeability and can absorb all the electrolyte, so that the electrolyte has no fluidity in the battery. At the same time, there are automatic open and close safety valves to ensure that the oxygen produced by the positive electrode is absorbed by the cathode in a circular way in the battery, which is called the cathode adsorption principle. Due to the unique internal design structure of the battery, which ensures the effective establishment of the internal oxygen circulation compound of the battery, the battery has been improved on the basis of the traditional lead-acid battery, and has become a new generation product, which is widely used in the communication industry.

What is the use process of the AGM VRLA battery?

1. In the process of charging, it is necessary to effectively restrain the occurrence of battery explosion. Therefore, check whether the safety valve acts during equalizing charging, set the floating charging voltage and equalizing charging voltage in strict accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer's operation and maintenance instructions, and calibrate them during patrol inspection.

2. The valve regulated sealed battery does not need to be initially charged before it is put into use. However, it often takes several months for batteries to be put into operation from storage, packaging, transportation, installation. Therefore, the battery should be recharged with constant voltage and current limiting method before it is put into use. Otherwise, the terminal voltage balance of the battery needs a long time of floating charge to achieve the normal requirements.

3. The valve regulated sealed battery is greatly affected by temperature. Therefore, it should be installed in the air-conditioned room, which is conducive to heat dissipation. The floating charge voltage should be compensated automatically by temperature.

4. The floating charge voltage should strictly comply with the voltage value recommended by the manufacturer. Since distilled water can not be added to the VRLA batteries, electrolyte drying is an important factor to reduce battery capacity and service life. In order to avoid the loss of electrolyte and shorten the service life of the battery, the battery with balanced charge is needed.

What are the maintenance items of AGM VRLA battery?

As the battery is a kind of chemical reaction device, the internal chemical reaction can’t be seen or touched, and the deficiency of daily maintenance work will not be reflected immediately. Therefore, the maintenance work seems very simple, but in fact it is more difficult. The maintenance of sealed battery is less, so it is called "maintenance free battery", but in fact it still needs some maintenance.

The battery should be charged in strict accordance with the regulations and equipment instructions. When the difference between the ambient temperature and 25 ℃ is more than 5 ℃, the floating charge voltage should be adjusted. When the temperature is high, the floating charge voltage should be lower than the standard value; When the temperature is low, the floating charge voltage should be higher than the standard value. The plate alloy of valve regulated battery is different from that of ordinary lead-acid battery, which requires higher charging voltage. Therefore, the mixed use of the two kinds of batteries is strictly prohibited. The mixed use of batteries of different specifications and years is prohibited.

Although AGM VRLA battery is maintenance free, we should pay attention to its use and maintenance, and do a good job of battery maintenance regularly. Champion Power Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, in more than 20 years of development history, quality has always been the primary goal, and is committed to ensuring the price and quality of products through advanced technology and equipment. If you know or are interested in the AGM VRLA battery industry, you can consider our cost-effective products.



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