What are the main parameters of a deep cycle battery?

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Lead acid battery is widely used in industry, transportation, power system, communication and other fields because of its low price of raw materials, mature technology, good safety performance and stable performance. After more than 150 years of development, all aspects of lead-acid batteries are constantly improving, and the performance has also been greatly improved. More and more lead-acid batteries with different functions appear in practical applications, such as deep cycle batteries, which are specially used in the field of regular deep cycle, and occupy an important position.


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  • What is the meaning of "deep cycle" of deep cycle battery?

  • What are the main parameters of a deep cycle battery?

  • What are the characteristics of deep cycle batteries?


What is the meaning of "deep cycle" of deep cycle battery?

What is a deep cycle battery? As the name suggests, a deep cycle battery is a kind of battery whose discharge depth can reach more than 80%, that is, the battery power is put to a very low level without causing damage to the battery and shortening the service life of the battery. The discharge depth (DoD) is the ratio of the discharged capacity from the battery to the rated capacity of the battery, which is usually expressed as the percentage of the discharged capacity to the rated capacity of the battery. Generally speaking, because the discharge depth has a great impact on the cycle life of the battery, over discharge will lead to a serious shortening of the cycle life of the battery, so the more moderate discharge depth is 50%. Therefore, the invention of a deep cycle battery is of great significance for many devices and fields that need frequent cycle discharge.


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What are the main parameters of a deep cycle battery?

The main parameters of a deep cycle battery include floating charge voltage, equalizing charge voltage and current limiting value. Because the deep cycle battery can achieve more than 80% discharge depth, the discharge end voltage as one of the main parameters of the VRLA battery is not particularly important for deep cycle batteries.

The deep cycle battery is in a floating charging state most of the time, and the charging mode is constant voltage charging. When determining the floating voltage charge value of the battery, the basic principle should be that the floating charge current can compensate for the loss of the battery self discharge, and after a short period of shallow discharge, the floating charge energy can make up its capacity after a period of time, so that the battery is in a state of sufficient charge for a long time. When the floating charge voltage of the deep cycle battery is low or low, or the battery needs to be recharged after discharge, or the capacity of battery pack is insufficient, it is necessary to equalize the charge of battery pack to restore its necessary capacity. The voltage of equalized charge is called equalizing charge voltage. Appropriate equalizing charge voltage and frequency are the basis to ensure the extension of battery service life. When the battery is charging, in order to protect the battery, it is necessary to limit the charging current. Overcharge will have a serious impact on the life of the deep cycle battery, so the charge current limit value is essential.


What are the characteristics of deep cycle batteries?

Deep cycle battery has the following characteristics:

  1. Antimony free lead alloy is used as a grid, so the self discharge coefficient is very small.

  2. High sealing degree, the battery can be placed at will and the electrolyte will not flow easily.

  3. The positive and negative plates are tightly wrapped by separators, the effective substances are not easy to fall off, and the service life of the battery is long.

  4. Low internal resistance, high current discharge characteristics.

  5. In the process of using a deep cycle battery, there is no need to add liquid, and the maintenance workload is small.


Lead acid batteries have a history of more than 100 years. With the continuous development of new technology, a number of new batteries such as deep cycle batteries have emerged on the basis of the original, and will continue to develop. All the batteries designed and produced by champion Power Technology Co., Ltd. have passed the national standard certification and are one of the leading lead-acid battery manufacturers in China. If you are interested in deep cycle batteries or engaged in related industries, you can consider our high-quality products.



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