What are the main parameters of the AGM VRLA battery?

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Lead acid battery has a history of more than one hundred years. It has the characteristics of good stability in economy and function, so it occupies a certain position in the field of the secondary battery. In recent years, AGM valve regulated lead-acid battery has a strong development momentum, and has gradually replaced the traditional lead-acid battery. At the same time, AGM valve regulated lead-acid battery has entered into the traditional application fields of nickel cadmium battery and other batteries, and has become a new generation of lead-acid battery. At present, AGM valve regulated lead-acid batteries are widely used in many fields because of its advantages of good sealing, no leakage, no pollution and no maintenance.

AGM VRLA Batteries

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What is the working principle of the AGM VRLA battery?

What are the main parameters of the AGM VRLA battery?

What are the advantages of the AGM VRLA battery?

What is the working principle of the AGM VRLA battery?

The design principle of the AGM VRLA battery is to inject the required amount of electrolyte into the plates and separators without free electrolyte. The ability of absorbing oxygen is improved by the humidity characteristic of the negative electrode. In order to prevent the reduction of electrolyte, the battery is sealed, so the VRLA battery is also called lean battery.

When the VRLA battery is charged under the specified voltage, the oxygen released from the positive electrode can be transferred to the negative electrode surface through the partition channel and reduced to water. The capacity of the negative plate surface is higher than that of the positive plate surface in VRLA battery, so that the potential of hydrogen is increased when hydrogen is separated out. In addition, the different reaction areas and reaction speed make oxygen appear on the positive plate prior to hydrogen on the negative plate. In this way, the oxygen generated by the positive plate reaches the negative electrode through the channel or the top of the separator for chemical reaction and generates water, which is the unique internal oxygen circulation reaction mechanism of VRLA batteries. In this charging process, the water in the electrolyte is basically not lost, so that the VRLA battery does not need water.

What are the main parameters of the AGM VRLA battery?

For the parameter setting of AGM VRLA battery, the key is to ensure that the battery can’t be discharged when discharging and can be fully charged when charging. The main parameters are set as floating charge voltage, average charge voltage, charge current limit value and discharge end voltage.

1. Floating charge voltage

The VRLA battery used as standby power supply is in floating charging state most of the time, and the charging mode is constant voltage charging. When the AC power supply is normal, VRLA battery and rectifier are floating charged in parallel, which plays a role of smooth filtering. When determining the floating charge voltage value of sealed lead-acid battery, the basic principle should be that the floating charge current can compensate the loss of battery self discharge, and after a short period of shallow discharge, the floating charge energy can make up its capacity for a period of time, so that the battery can be fully charged for a long time.

2. Equalizing charging voltage

VRLA battery does not need equalizing charging in normal floating charging operation, but when the floating charging voltage of the battery is low or the battery needs to be recharged after discharge or the capacity of the battery pack is insufficient, equalizing charging of the battery pack is needed to restore its necessary capacity. The voltage of equalizing charging is called equalizing charging voltage, and appropriate equalizing charging voltage and frequency are the basis for prolonging the service life of the battery.

3. Current limit value

When the battery is charging, in order to protect the battery, it is necessary to limit the charging current. Under normal conditions, the charging current limit is determined as 0.1 C10A. Under special conditions, in order to speed up the charging process and shorten the charging time, the charging current limit can be increased to 0.25 C10A.

4. Discharge termination voltage

In order to protect the battery, the battery needs to set the lowest discharge voltage, that is, the termination voltage.

What are the advantages of the AGM VRLA battery?

AGM VRLA battery has many advantages, such as easy to use, easy to install, safe and reliable, saving investment and so on.

AGM VRLA battery only needs to strictly control the charging voltage of rectifier. According to the different requirements of floating charge and recycling use, the regulated voltage is used for constant voltage charging, and there is no need to worry about the charging process. And the battery has been transformed into charge and discharge treatment, so the user does not need to carry out the cumbersome initial charging process when installing and using. AGM valve regulated sealed lead-acid battery adopts sealed structure, no acid mist, non-toxic, no harmful gas escape, and does not pollute the equipment and the environment. It can be used together with electronic equipment, without the need for special room for battery placement and maintenance, and the maintenance workload is greatly reduced.

At present, although the price of AGM VRLA battery is still on the high side to a certain extent, it will be widely used in the near future because of its good characteristics and high cost performance. Established in 2000, champion Power Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research, production and sales of lead-acid batteries, and is committed to applying high-tech and advanced equipment to every production process. If you know something about AGM VRLA batteries or are engaged in related industries, you can consider our advanced products.



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