What are the types of VRLA batteries?

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With the rapid development of communication technology, the increasingly wide application of distributed generation in communication terminal equipment and the rapid growth of the portable electronic product market, there is an urgent demand for power solutions with higher efficiency, higher power density, smaller footprint, greater reliability and lower cost. As a convenient and practical solution, the large use of rechargeable secondary batteries can better meet the needs of the development of the communication field. Due to its long service life, convenient maintenance, excellent performance and low cost, VRLA batteries occupy an important position in secondary batteries and have broad market prospects. In addition to the field of communication, it has a broad potential market in military, medical, equipment and other applications.

AGM VRLA Batteries

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How does the AGM VRLA battery develop so far?

What are the types of VRLA batteries?

What are the advantages of AGM VRLA batteries?

How does the AGM VRLA battery develop so far?

Since the French physicist Gaston plante invented the lead-acid battery in 1859, the lead-acid battery has experienced more than 150 years of development history.

In 1880, Volckmar first proposed the paste type electrode plate, and soon invented the bag type electrode plate using porous lead plate to support active substances. In 1881, swan proposed to use grid instead of lead plate to delay the shedding of active substances. In 1882, Gladstone and Tribei put forward the theory of "bisulfate" on the reaction system of lead-acid battery, established a recognized chemical reaction formula, and laid a strong theoretical foundation for the rapid development of battery. In 1890, Thomas Edison invented the rechargeable iron nickel battery. Shimadzu invented the ball mill in 1924, which brought a qualitative leap for the active substances of lead-acid batteries. From the 1950s to 1960s, the development of lead-acid battery mainly focused on manufacturing technology, and made breakthrough progress in all aspects.

Since the 1950s, researchers from all over the world have been reforming the traditional lead-acid batteries. In 1971, gates energy products company invented the adsorptive glass fiber separator (AGM) technology after years of research. Deviff's developed the first lean solution VRLAB, which was widely used in industry, transportation, power system, communication and other fields. VRLAB has become the mainstream of development. At present, AGM VRLA batteries have formed an independent and complete industrial system and are widely used in various fields.

What are the types of VRLA batteries?

There are two main types of valve regulated lead-acid batteries, namely, glass fiber separator, cathodic absorption sealed lead-acid batteries (AMG VRLA) and silicon gel sealed lead-acid batteries (GEL VRLA).

AGM VRLA battery is a lean solution type, which refers to the cathode absorption type ultra-fine glass fiber cotton diaphragm battery. Gel VRLA battery is a kind of liquid rich battery, which means gel battery. The principle and structure of the two types of VRLA batteries are based on the original lead-acid batteries. Measures are taken to promote the circulation of oxygen and inhibit the generation of hydrogen. Any generation of oxygen can be considered as the loss of water. If the excessive loss of water will make the battery dry up and fail, the internal resistance of the battery will increase and the capacity of the battery will be lost. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, which need to be analyzed and selected according to the specific use environment.

What are the advantages of AGM VRLA batteries?

AGM VRLA battery has a series of excellent characteristics: long service life, very low self discharge rate, good sealing performance, wide temperature range, sufficient capacity, good conductivity, strong charge acceptance, safe and reliable explosion-proof exhaust system, etc. These advantages make AGM VRLA batteries widely used in various fields such as communication systems, medical equipment systems, automatic control systems and so on.

In recent years, AGM VRLA battery can significantly reduce maintenance or completely avoid maintenance, and gradually replace the traditional lead-acid battery because of its advantages in performance and function, becoming a new generation of popular products. However, due to the continuous innovation and application of various new battery technologies, and the continuous rise of various new batteries, lead-acid batteries are now facing greater challenges, so only continuous innovation and improvement can better face the challenges. Champion Power Technology Co., Ltd. regards product quality as the primary goal, and is committed to ensuring product quality in every production process through high-tech and advanced equipment. If you are engaged in the AGM VRLA battery industry, you can consider our high quality products.



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