What are the types of electric vehicle batteries?

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There are many types of batteries that can be used in electric bicycles, including valve-regulated lead-acid maintenance-free batteries, Lead-acid battery batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, and lithium-ion battery batteries. EV Batteries inlude 6v EV Batteries.

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l  What are lead-acid maintenance-free batteries?

l  What are lead-acid battery batteries?

l  What are nickel-metal hydride batteries?

l  What are lithium-ion battery batteries?

EV battery

What are lead-acid maintenance-free batteries?

EV batteries are widely used and studied in many countries because of their low price, rich material sources, high specific power, mature technology, and manufacturing technology, and high resource recovery rate. There are more than 30 million electric bicycles in China. More than 95% of electric bicycles use valve-regulated lead-acid EV batteries.

What are lead-acid battery batteries?

It's an improvement on the common Lead-acid battery of liquid electrolytes. It adopts gel-like electrolyte without free liquid in it and has large electrolyte capacity, large heat capacity, and strong heat dissipation ability under the same volume, which can avoid the thermal runaway phenomenon easily produced by common storage EV batteries, low-temperature discharge performance; long cycle life; safe and reliable, maintenance-free; no memory effect low electrolyte concentration and weak corrosion to electrode plate; The concentration is even and there is no acid delamination.

What are nickel-metal hydride batteries?

Ni-MH battery and NI-CD battery are both alkaline batteries, which have all the excellent characteristics of NI-CD battery and higher energy density than NI-CD battery. The main advantages are high specific energy, high specific power, renewable utilization, in line with the concept of sustainable development.

What are lithium-ion battery batteries?

The lithium-ion battery is generally considered to have the following advantages: high specific energy; high specific power; low self-discharge; no memory effect; good cycling characteristics; fast discharge and high efficiency; wide operating temperature range; no environmental pollution, etc., therefore is expected to enter the 21st century the best power supply ranks.

All kinds of batteries have their advantages and disadvantages, but as EV batteries, basically, there will be a long duration, safety, and long-term effectiveness of the characteristics. This is due to the driving requirements of electric vehicles, with a wide range of characteristics the EV batteries industry of electric vehicles is in a fast-growing period, many key technologies have not yet emerged as mature solutions, but the technological development and breakthroughs, the future of electric cars and EV battery are expected to be more complicated.

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