What is a gel battery?

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Gel polymer lithium battery refers to a lithium battery in which the liquid electrolyte and polymer in the battery form a gel electrolyte. Gel battery is actually a very common type of battery. Both dry and thermal batteries can be used. In the dry battery, it exists as a solvent to slow down the rate of the chemical reaction in it, so that the current will not be quickly consumed. In thermal Gel batteries, it is generally used to isolate the battery body and other components.

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l  What is the principle of gel batteries naming?

l  The difference between gel battery and lithium battery.

l  What are the advantages of gel batteries?

gel battery

What is the principle of gel batteries naming?

Gel batteries are generally named with 6-7 digits, respectively representing thickness/width/height. For example, PL6567100 represents lithium-ion polymer gel batteries with a thickness of 6.5mm, a width of 67mm, and a height of 100mm, where PL represents the battery It belongs to the category of polymers. Lithium-ion polymer gel batteries generally use laminated flexible packaging, so the size change is very flexible and convenient, and there are relatively many models.

The difference between gel battery and lithium battery.

1. Different raw materials: The raw material of lithium-ion battery is electrolyte; The raw material of gel battery is an electrolyte, including polymer electrolyte and organic electrolyte.

2. Different in terms of security: Lithium-ion batteries are easy to explode in a high temperature and high-pressure environment; Gel batteries use aluminum-plastic film as the outer shell. When organic electrolytes are used inside, they will not explode even if the liquid is hot. Under the influence of external forces, they will at most smoke and will not explode.

3. The shape is different: Due to the advantages of natural materials, gel batteries can be very thin, any area and any shape, because the electrolyte can be solid or colloidal rather than liquid. However, lithium batteries use electrolytes, so a sturdy case is needed as a secondary package to contain the electrolyte.

4. The manufacturing process is different: The thinner the thickness of the gel battery, the better the production, and the larger the thickness of the lithium battery, the better the production, which makes the lithium battery get more support in the market application.

5. The capacity is different: It is not easy to increase the capacity of a gel battery, and the relative cost will be greater, and the capacity of a lithium battery is easy to increase.

What are the advantages of gel batteries?

Compared with liquid electrolyte, gel batteries have many advantages:

1. The polymer matrix in the gel polymer electrolyte can effectively absorb the liquid in it, preventing it from moving freely, thereby avoiding the leakage problem that is easy to occur in liquid lithium batteries.

2. In the gel batteries, there is little liquid and it is not easy to react with the electrode, thus greatly increasing the interface stability;

3. The internal pore diameter of the gel batteries polymer electrolyte is small, which can effectively eliminate the growth of lithium dendrites, making it possible to apply high-capacity lithium sheets to The negative electrode of a lithium battery becomes a potential possibility;

4. The thickness of the gel batteries polymer electrolyte is greater than that of the traditional polyolefin, and it has certain viscoelasticity, and its shape is easy to change with external changes, thereby ensuring the electrolyte Good contact with the electrode.

5. Gel polymer electrolyte has good mechanical properties and can withstand a certain pressure. When it is applied to lithium batteries, it can be prepared in various shapes according to customer requirements battery.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce industrial gel batteries that meet the standards, so as to ensure the safety of the use of gel batteries and the healthy development of the gel battery market. Champion Power Tech Co, Limited many tests on gel batteries before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the battery business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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