What is the composition of EV Batteries?

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It varies slightly with the types of electric vehicles. In pure electric vehicles with EV Batteries only, the role of the EV Batteries is the only power source of the vehicle drive system. In a hybrid car equipped with conventional engines (or fuel cells) and storage EV Batteries, the EV Batteries can play both the main power source and the auxiliary power source. What is the composition of EV Batteries?

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•Anodes and cathode of the battery


•Battery pack

EV battery

Anodes and cathode of the battery

The function of theEV Batteries anode is to provide a common interface for the fuel and electrolyte and to catalyze the oxidation of the fuel while transferring the electrons generated in the reaction to or to the collector board and then to the outer circuit. The cathode of the EV Batteries(oxygen electrode) is to provide a common interface for oxygen and electrolyte, catalyze the reduction of oxygen, and transmit electrons from the external circuit to the reaction site of the oxygen electrode. Because the reactions occurring on the electrode are mostly multi-phase interface reactions, to improve the reaction rate, the electrode generally adopts a porous material and is coated with an electric catalyst.


The electrolyte acts to deliver the ions produced by the fuel electrode and the oxygen electrode in the electrode reaction and to prevent being straight between the electrodes. Connect the transfer on. The diaphragm acts to conduct ions and prevent electrons from directly transmitting and separating the oxidizer from the reducing agent between the electrodes. Therefore, the diaphragm of the EV Batteries must be electrolyte corrosion and insulation and have good moisture resistance.

Battery pack

The EV Batteries pack consists of multiple batteries stacked in series. Although the automotive power system sees the EV Batteries pack as a single high voltage battery, charging and discharging the entire battery pack each time, the battery control system must take into account the situation of each battery. If one of the battery packs is slightly smaller than the other EV Batteries, its charging state will gradually deviate from the other batteries after multiple charging and discharge cycles. If this battery's charging state is not periodically balanced with other batteries, it will eventually enter a depth discharge state, causing damage and eventually forming a battery pack failure. To prevent this, the voltage of each battery must be monitored to determine the state of charge. Furthermore, there must be a device for the batteries to charge or discharge individually to balance the charging state of these EV Batteries.

An important consideration for theEV Batteriespack monitoring system is the communication interface. In terms of communication within the PC board, common options include the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) bus, the I2C bus, each with low communication overhead for low interference environments. Another option is the Controller CAN bus, which is widely used in automotive applications. Champion Power Tech Co., Limited conducts many tests of EV Batteries,and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need EV Batteries, you can consider our cost-effective products. Champion Power Tech Co., Limited materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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