What is the development history of the AGM VRLA battery?

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With the continuous improvement of battery production technology, the continuous expansion of application fields, people's attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, and the high cost of Ni MH battery and Li ion battery, the lead-acid battery industry shows a broad development space in the application of the century. At the same time, lead-acid batteries are facing new threats, only continuous improvement and innovation can better face the challenges. Valve regulated lead-acid batteries have become the mainstream of lead-acid batteries based on the great efforts of countries in the world in recent years.

AGM VRLA Batteries

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What is the development history of the AGM VRLA battery?

How is the AGM VRLA battery composed?

What are the application fields of AGM VRLA batteries?

What is the development history of the AGM VRLA battery?

MF, SLA and VRLA are the appellations of VRLA used in succession at home and abroad. MF (maintenance free) is the abbreviation of maintenance free battery. SLA (sealed lead acid battery) is the abbreviation of sealed lead acid battery. VRLA (valve regulated lead-acid battery) should be valve regulated lead-acid battery in literal translation, and its literal translation name has also been used in some literature. GBT 19638.2-2005 fixed valve regulated lead-acid battery is translated into valve regulated lead-acid battery in Chinese. This is the current name of VRLA. From MF, SLA to VRLA, it is not only the change of name, but also the development of VRLA.

The early "maintenance free battery" MF refers to the battery life without water and acid. The application of battery maintenance free technology can be traced back to the 1930s. In 1935, for military purposes, Pb Ca alloy gate was first used in the situation of low self discharge rate (floating charge). In the mid-1970s, the gates company of the United States launched the modern MF battery. In the 1980s, because of the introduction of advanced metallurgy and chemical technology into the battery industry, MF battery became more perfect, and the title of SLA sealed lead-acid battery appeared. In addition to the gas recombination technology inside the battery, SLA also improves the structure of the battery, and uses one-way gas valve to make the battery sealed. With the improvement of the exhaust valve (safety valve), especially with more accurate opening and closing pressure, the valve has become the main component of gas recombination, leakage prevention and sealing. So it is called VRLA (valve regulated lead acid battery).

How is the AGM VRLA battery composed?

AGM VRLA battery is composed of positive and negative plates, AGM, positive and negative connecting strips, electrolyte, safety valve and ABS plastic shell. The positive and negative plates are composed of grids and active materials. The active material on the positive plate is lead dioxide (PbO2), and the active material on the negative plate is sponge metal lead (PB). The electrolyte is made of distilled water (H2O) and pure sulfuric acid (H2SO4) according to a certain proportion, and tight assembly and lean solution design technology are used. The whole battery reaction is sealed in the plastic battery shell, without acid leakage and acid mist discharge. A safety valve is installed on the top of the battery. When the gas pressure inside the battery reaches a certain value, the safety valve will automatically open to discharge excess gas. When the air pressure inside the battery is lower than a certain value, the safety valve will automatically close to prevent air from entering the battery.

What are the application fields of AGM VRLA batteries?

With the progress of science and technology and the development of industry, AGM VRLA batteries have made important improvements in the structure and manufacturing process, which have many advantages that other lead-acid batteries do not have, so they are widely used in various fields. AGM VRLA batteries are widely used in many fields, such as multi-purpose instruments, uninterrupted power supply, electronic energy system, emergency backup power, railway signal, aviation signal, security system, electronic devices and equipment, power supply of telephone system, automatic control system and so on.

AGM valve-controlled sealed lead-acid batteries have stable performance, reliability and small maintenance workload, and are favored by design and operation personnel. Champion Power Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research, production and sales of lead-acid batteries, and attaches importance to every production process of batteries to ensure product quality. If you are interested in AGM VRLA batteries or engaged in related industries, you can consider our high quality batteries.



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