What is the front terminal battery?

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Front terminal batteries are designed for applications that demand high levels of security and reliability. They are specifically ideal for power cabinets used by telecommunication companies. Front terminal batteries are known for their excellent high-rate performance and long service life. This makes them the perfect battery choice for UPS applications. The front terminal design makes it easy to access the batteries and allows for faster installation.

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Front Terminal AGM Battery

Front Terminal Gel Battery

Application of Front Terminal battery

front terminal battery

Front Terminal AGM Battery

The front terminal AGM battery is designed for telecommunications applications with a floating charge life of up to 12 years and uses a thickened 3D curved plate with a special paste formulation and the latest AGM baffle technology. It has stable performance and good consistency; it is suitable for outdoor telecommunications occasions and other backup power applications. The features and advantages are as follows:

·        Sealing structure (leakproof), no leakage, no acid fog, no need to add acid and water during use

·        The long service life of deep circulation and 12 years design life of floating charge

·        Temperature range: -15°C ~ 55°C

·        High tin thickening 3D surface plate design

Front Terminal Gel Battery

The front terminal battery is elongated, with a general design life of 15 years, and adopts thickened 3D curved plate and nanometer colloid electrolyte technology. Its cycle life is long, floating charge flow is small, high-temperature performance is stable. The features and advantages are as follows:

·        Floating charge design life is 15 years

·        Wide range of service temperature: -15°C ~ 60°C

·        Nanometer colloid electrolyte is adopted, without electrolyte stratification

·        Longer cycle life

·        The front terminal battery colloidal battery is 30% lower than the AGM battery, which is more suitable for high temperature floating charging applications and is less likely to lose control of heat

Application of Front Terminal battery

A front terminal battery, also known as a "narrow" battery, is specifically a 12V battery fitted to a 19-inch or 23-inch cabinet, with the pole and front terminals located on the upper side of the short front side in the same direction as the battery, which is nearly 19 inches or 23 inches wide in shape.

The front terminal battery's basic principle and structure were similar to 2 v battery, the difference is the front terminal put 6 batteries with the same capacity and 2 v battery monomer series together, placed within the battery shell has six battery slot, this structure makes the front terminal type battery is long and narrow structure and cell aspect ratio is 3.4:5, the surface area increases, this makes the front terminal battery has good heat dissipation performance, greatly reducing the possibility of thermal runaway battery, and the front terminal batteries in the battery front terminal are used to design external connections, wiring position first half of the battery connection is convenient.

The front terminal battery can effectively reduce the long and narrow front terminal type battery monomer structure in series process implementation difficulty, improve monomer welding area and quality, improve more monomer structure inside the battery in series between the battery tank, battery cover and, in the form of sealing way between process combined with the reliability, stability, ensure the product performance, implementation of cleaner production, etc.

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