What is the meaning of a deep cycle battery?

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Batteries have been widely used in the field of electronic products, so it is of great significance to improve their service life. With the emergence of the energy crisis, environmental pollution, energy security and many other issues, looking for the best way to effectively use energy is the main direction of current technology development. With the gradual pursuit of durability and stability in the design concept of equipment used in people's daily life, a variety of household appliances are gradually enriched, and deep cycle batteries have a broader market and demand.


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What is the meaning of a deep cycle battery?

What are the categories of deep cycle batteries?

What are the application fields of deep cycle batteries?


What is the meaning of a deep cycle battery?

The so-called deep cycle battery means that the discharge depth is greater than 80%, and it will not cause too much impact on the battery life. The concept of depth of discharge (DoD) refers to the percentage of capacity removed from the battery to the rated capacity. Compared with the deep cycle battery which can release more than 80% of electric energy, the discharge depth of shallow cycle battery should not exceed 25%.

Deep cycle battery is a kind of lead-acid battery from the perspective of the application. The biggest characteristic of this kind of battery is small current discharge, which can achieve 100% discharge, and after deep discharge, the battery can completely recover


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What are the categories of deep cycle batteries?

Deep cycle battery belongs to storage battery, and there are a variety of classification methods for storage battery. According to the different voltage, deep cycle batteries can be divided into 2V series storage batteries, 4V series storage batteries, 6V series storage batteries, 12V series storage batteries and 24V series storage batteries. According to different uses, there are different categories, such as the batteries for automobile, electric bicycle, clean energy, photovoltaic system, portable medical equipment and solar energy.


What are the application fields of deep cycle batteries?

At present, most of the deep cycle batteries in the market are specially designed for frequent cycle discharge. With special grid alloy and excellent plate formula, combined with a thick lead calcium grid and thick lead plate, the cycle life of the battery is more than 30% longer than that of the ordinary standby power supply series, which is very suitable for all deep cycle applications. It is mainly used in the solar energy system, wind energy system, renewable energy system, portable medical equipment system, standby power supply, hybrid electric vehicle, golf cart, electric wheelchair, etc.


Although the deep discharge of deep cycle battery has little effect on the life of the battery itself, the average state of charge of the battery still has a certain impact on the cycle life of the battery, so it is necessary to coordinate the relationship between the cycle depth and capacity of the battery in practical application. For more than 20 years since its establishment, Champion Power Technology Co., Ltd. has always attached great importance to ensuring product quality. It adopts a top-level terminal structure and designs cost-effective but reliable solutions. If you are engaged in the deep cycle battery industry, you can consider our high quality products.



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