What is the naming principle of the OPzV battery?

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OPzV Batteries are the main category is lead-acid batteries, subdivided into tube-shaped gel batteries. This type of battery first originated in Germany, so the OPzV Battery standard for this type of battery is the European standard DIN battery standard. The specific definition of OPzV Battery is as follows: O-Ortsfest (fixed) in OPZV, PZ-PanZerplatte (tubular plate), V-Verschlossen (sealed).

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Characteristics of OPZV battery

Application fields of OPzV battery

A suitable environment for OPzV battery

OPzV battery

Characteristics of OPZV battery

The OPzV Battery series is designed with a colloidal electrolyte and a tubular positive plate. It also has the advantages of a valve-controlled battery and an open battery and is especially suitable for use with a backup time of 1 to 20 hours. The colloid is formed by silicon particles with a very small body but a very large surface area. Restricted by the powerful capillary phenomenon, the electrolyte is locked in the microporous system. Therefore, even if the OPzV Battery casing is accidentally ruptured, electrolyte leakage will not occur. A small number of micropores are not filled by the electrolyte, forming voids for oxygen to pass through.

Oxygen migrates from the positive electrode to the negative electrode, and then recombines into the water, thus eliminating the need to add water regularly. The use of colloidal technology has completely changed the concept of backup power supply, allowing users to have more autonomy in different fields. Since the level of gas generation is almost negligible, OPzV Batteries are allowed to be installed in cabinets or racks, in offices, or even next to the equipment. Thereby improving the space utilization rate and reducing the cost of installation and maintenance.

Application fields of OPzV battery

OPzV Battery series are valve-regulated sealed and maintenance-free tubular positive plate structure gel OPzV Battery, with a design life of 15 years. Used in power systems, communication systems, railway systems, uninterruptible power supply systems, switch and control systems, emergency lighting systems, power systems, solar power, wind power stations, radio and broadcasting stations, etc.

A suitable environment for OPzV battery

Because it is not restricted by the use environment or maintenance conditions, the OPzV Battery series is suitable for environments with large temperature differences and unstable power grids, or for renewable energy storage systems that are in an electric state for a long time.

Champion OPzV battery range from 100Ah to 300OAh, is a VRLA Tubular Gel single cells design that complies with international DLN standards. It's engineered with die-cast tubular grids and a gelled electrolyte which reduces the need for topping up and makes the product virtually maintenance-free. It's perfect for high integrity critical applications including power generation & distribution, telecom, and premium renewable energy projects.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce industrial OPzV Batteries that meet the standards, so as to ensure the safety of the use of OPzV Batteries and the healthy development of the battery market. Champion Power Tech Co, Limited many tests on OPzV batteries before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the OPzV Battery business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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