What is the structure of deep cycle battery?

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Batteries have been widely used in the field of electronic products, so it is of great significance to improve their service life. With the emergence of the energy crisis, environmental pollution, energy security and many other issues, looking for the best way to effectively use energy is the main direction of current technology development. With the gradual pursuit of durability and stability in the design concept of equipment used in people's daily life, a variety of household appliances are gradually enriched, and deep cycle batteries have a broader market and demand.


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What is the structure of a deep cycle battery?

How does deep cycle battery work?

What are the application fields of deep cycle batteries?


What is the structure of a deep cycle battery?

Deep cycle battery is a kind of lead-acid battery, so its structure is the same as that of lead-acid battery. Deep cycle battery is composed of positive and negative plates, separator, electrolyte, safety valve, conductive terminal and shell. The positive and negative plates are the areas of electrochemical reaction, which are formed by coating lead paste on the grid after curing, forming and other processes. The active ingredient of the positive plate is lead dioxide, and the active ingredient of the negative plate is spongy lead. The safety valve is a kind of exhaust device, which releases excess gas to keep the air tightness and liquid tightness of the battery, and keeps the internal pressure of the battery in the best safe range. The battery terminal is connected with the load to conduct current, and the battery slot and shell are made of flame retardant materials.


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How does deep cycle battery work?

The working principle of deep cycle batteries is still following the traditional lead-acid battery. Its positive active material is lead dioxide (PbO2), the negative active material is sponge metal lead (Pb), the electrolyte is dilute sulfuric acid (H2SO4). When charging under the specified charging voltage, the oxygen released from the positive electrode can be transferred to the surface of the negative plate through the partition channel and reduced to water. Through this internal oxygen cycle reaction mechanism, the electrolyte of deep cycle battery almost does not lose water in the process of charging, and it does not need to add water in the process of using.


What are the application fields of deep cycle batteries?

Deep cycle battery is specially designed for frequent cycle discharge. Through advanced technology and special material selection, the cycle life of the battery can be more than 30% longer than that of ordinary standby power supply series. Because of its low self discharge rate, good deep cycle performance, good charge acceptance ability and wide temperature range, deep cycle batteries are mainly used in UPS batteries, new energy storage, medical devices, electric toys, communication systems, computer systems, emergency lights and solar energy systems.


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