What is the structure of the AGM VRLA battery?

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With the rapid development of science and technology in recent years, the world oil crisis and automobile exhaust pollution also follow, the sustainable development of mankind is facing great challenges. The development of new chemical energy batteries and the improvement of traditional batteries are urgent problems in the 21st century. The storage battery is a device of chemical energy and electric energy mutual transformation. When charging, the electric energy is stored as chemical energy, and when discharging, the chemical energy is converted into electric energy. Lead-acid batteries can be charged and discharged repeatedly, and the basic feature of VRLA batteries is the sealing structure. AGM VRLA battery is a kind of VRLA battery with superfine glass fiber wool as the separator material.

AGM VRLA Batteries

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What is the structure of the AGM VRLA battery?

How does AGM VRLA battery work?

What are the advantages of the AGM VRLA battery?

What is the structure of AGM VRLA battery?

The basic components of lead-acid battery are positive plate, negative plate, electrolyte (sulfuric acid solution), bus bar, safety valve, separator, battery shell, positive and negative terminals, etc. The main component of the active material on the positive plate is PbO2, and the main component of the negative active material is spongy lead. The active substances of positive and negative plates are attached to the grid, immersed in a certain concentration of electrolyte, and the positive and negative plates are separated by a separator. Diaphragm generally uses microporous plastic, microporous rubber or glass fiber, etc. The separator can prevent the short circuit between the positive and negative plates, and it is also the support of the electrolyte to ensure the smooth passage of positive and negative ions in the electrolyte, so as to maintain the charge balance.

At present, adsorptive glass wool (AGM) is commonly used in VRLA batteries. AGM separators have high porosity, small pore size, low internal resistance, strong acid absorption capacity, high purity and stability. Battery tank and cover are required to have strong hardness, mechanical protection and support. Polypropylene, PVC plastic and other materials are generally used. The safety valve is required to have the ability of acid resistance and new ecological oxygen corrosion resistance, good bremsstrahlung, not easy to age, harden and embrittle, etc. plastic materials are generally used.

How does AGM VRLA battery work?

The whole working process of AGM VRLA battery is continuous charging and discharging. The process of charging and discharging is completed by an electrochemical reaction. When the battery is charged to the final stage, the water in the electrolyte is ionized and decomposed, and oxygen begins to release from the positive plate. Oxygen diffuses to the negative plate through the pores in the separator, where it is compounded and reduced to water and exists in the battery. So there is no hydrogen and oxygen spillover and almost no water loss in the charging process of AGM valve controlled sealed lead-acid battery. This is the reason why the battery does not need to add distilled water, no need to add electrolyte and has good sealing performance.

What are the advantages of AGM VRLA battery?

The price of the AGM VRLA battery is higher than that of the same specification battery, but it has the following advantages.

1. The cycle charging capacity is three times higher than that of lead calcium battery, which has a longer service life.

2. Higher capacitance stability in the whole life cycle.

3. Wide temperature range and more reliable low temperature performance.

4. Because of its unique sealing characteristics, it can reduce the risk of accidents and environmental pollution to a certain extent.

5. The maintenance operation in the process of use is simple, which can reduce the deep discharge.

As a backup power supply, the battery is the basis and the last guarantee to ensure the uninterrupted power supply of the DC power supply system in the communication power supply. Therefore, the AGM VRLA battery with excellent performance and outstanding characteristics is gradually favored by people. Champion Power Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to applying high technology and advanced equipment to every production process to ensure the high quality of products. If you are engaged in the sAGM VRLA battery industry, you can consider our high quality products.



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