What is the working principle of a deep cycle battery?

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In recent years, the technology of lead-acid batteries has been continuously improved, and it has become a widely used chemical power supply. Valve regulated battery and colloid battery have become important basic industries in the development of the national economy, and they are also the core components of backup power supply, peak shaving energy storage power supply of power system, internal combustion engine power supply and other large reserve power supply. In many fields, the sales volume of lead-acid batteries is the first with its excellent performance price ratio. After the invention of a deep cycle battery dedicated to the field of frequent cycle discharge, the status of lead-acid battery is more stable. At present, deep cycle battery is an important power supply device for military and civil industry, transportation equipment and so on, which plays an important supporting role in various fields.


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  • What is the working principle of a deep cycle battery?

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  • What are the advantages of deep cycle batteries?


What is the working principle of a deep cycle battery?

During the charging of the deep cycle battery, the positive electrode changes from PbSO4 to PbO2, and the negative electrode changes from PbSO4 to gray Pb. With the charging process, the positive potential increases gradually, while the negative potential decreases. At the end of charging, a water electrolysis reaction will occur, and oxygen will be produced at the positive electrode, while hydrogen will not be produced at the negative electrode due to excessive active substances and the addition of metal with high hydrogen evolution potential. The oxygen produced by the positive electrode is transferred to the negative electrode through the diaphragm, and then lead oxide is synthesized with the negative electrode. Lead oxide and sulfuric acid are combined to form water, that is, water can be recycled. Therefore, it is unnecessary to add water for maintenance during use, so as to realize battery sealing. When the battery is discharged, the positive electrode changes from lead dioxide to lead sulfate, and the negative electrode changes from spongy lead to lead sulfate. During the discharge process, the battery voltage gradually decreased and the concentration of sulfuric acid decreased. At the end of the discharge, the ohmic resistance of the electrode increases rapidly due to the accumulation of lead sulfate, which is a bad conductor generated by the positive and negative electrodes. At the same time, the hydrogen ion diffuses slowly after the concentration of sulfuric acid decreases, which leads to the rapid drop of the battery voltage. At this time, the discharge should be terminated, otherwise over discharge will occur.


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What are the categories of deep cycle batteries?

Valve regulated lead-acid batteries are generally used in deep cycle batteries, so their classification is roughly the same as that of valve regulated lead-acid batteries. There are many kinds of classification methods for VRLA batteries. It can be divided into AGM VRLA battery and GEL VRLA battery according to the type of separator material, and also can be divided into 6V deep cycle battery and 12V deep cycle battery according to its voltage.


What are the advantages of deep cycle batteries?

Through technical design and material selection, deep cycle batteries can achieve the effect that the cycle service life of the battery is more than 30% longer than that of an ordinary standby power supply series. Deep cycle battery has many excellent characteristics, its floating charge life can be as long as 8-10 years, its service temperature range is wider than that of ordinary lead-acid battery, and its self discharge rate is low. It has excellent deep cycle performance and good charge acceptance.


The deep discharge cycle performance of the deep cycle battery is good. When the battery is recharged in time after deep discharge, its capacity can be 100% recharged, which can meet the needs of high frequency and deep discharge. Therefore, its application range is wider than that of lead-acid battery, and its service life is twice that of ordinary lead-acid batteries. Established in 2000, Champion Power Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading lead-acid battery manufacturers in China. It applies high technology and advanced equipment to every production process to ensure product quality. If you are engaged in or interested in the deep cycle battery industry, you can consider our high quality products.



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