What’s the meaning of OPzV battery?

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The design of the OPzV battery uses a gel electrolyte and a tubular positive plate. Its electrolyte is a gel electrolyte. The floating charge life of the battery is 18-20 years (25OC). The special structure design makes the self-discharge electrode of the battery low, 12h deep discharge. Charging can be resumed immediately afterward, so the capacity can reach 95% of the rated capacity.

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What kind of battery is an OPzV battery?

What is the special structure of the OPzV battery?

What are the advantages of OPzV batteries?


What kind of battery is an OPzV battery?

OPzV battery is also called tubular gel battery (OPzV series). The main application areas of deep cycle OPzV battery are communication equipment, telecommunications system, railway system, UPS system and emergency lighting, navigation and ship, solar and wind energy systems.

What is the special structure of the OPzV battery?

The OPzV battery design uses a colloidal electrolyte and a tubular positive plate. The colloid is formed by silicon particles with a small body but a large surface area. When the silicon particles are dispersed in the electrolyte, a three-dimensional network of chains is formed, and a microporous system with a diameter from 0.1mm to 1mm is derived. Restricted by the powerful capillary phenomenon, the electrolyte is locked in the microporous system. Therefore, even if the deep cycle OPzV battery casing is accidentally ruptured, electrolyte leakage will not occur. The use of colloidal technology has completely changed the concept of backup power supply, allowing users to have more autonomy in different fields.

Since the level of gas generation is almost negligible, batteries are allowed to be installed in cabinets or racks, in offices, or even next to the equipment. Thereby improving the space utilization rate and reducing the cost of installation and maintenance.

What are the advantages of OPzV batteries?

OPzV battery has low self-discharge electrode, made of high-quality materials, monthly self-discharge rate ≤of 1.5%, using a colloidal electrolyte, large heat capacity, good heat resistance, suitable for use in harsh environments (40~60℃), cycle performance and deep discharge recovery Superior capacity, no need for water maintenance, gas recombination efficiency higher than 95%, long service life, and floating charge design life of 20 years.

During the normal floating charge use process, the capacity is stable, the attenuation rate is low, the sealing performance is excellent, there is no gas penetration, and the environment is not polluted. OPzV battery is an environmentally friendly product with excellent safety performance, special separator, high porosity, low resistance, low internal The blocking copper pole ensures the safe discharge of high current without heating. The OPzV battery solid gel electrolyte concentration is evenly distributed, without delamination, and the product is highly reliable. The fire and flame retardant safety valve effectively prevents external open flames or sparks.

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