What’s the principle of gel batteries?

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GEL battery, also called colloidal sealed lead battery, belongs to one of (two kinds) of VRLA battery, using a colloidal electrolyte, namely GEL technology, represented by Deutsche Sunshine. Another VRLA battery using AGM partition, AGM technology, is represented by some companies in Japan. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the 1990s, the development of communication and power AGM—VRLA battery developed rapidly, with high market share, and GEL-VRLA battery was relatively low. GEL battery can be divided into 2V gel batteries and 12V gel batteries.

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What are the characteristics of gel batteries?

What are the advantages of gel batteries?

What are the currently existing gel batteries?

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What are the characteristics of gel batteries?

The electrolyte of gel batteries is made of silica sol and sulfuric aci, sulfur acid solution concentration is lower than the AGM battery, usually for the 1.26~1.28g/cm. Electroelectrolyte of  gel batteries is 20% more than AGM batteries, equivalent to rich batteries. This electrolyte exists in a colloidal state filled in the diaphragm and between positive and negative poles, the sulfate electrolyte surrounded by a gel not out of the battery. Since this battery adopts a liquid - rich non - tight assembly structure, the positive plate gate material can be low antimony alloy or tube battery positive electrode plate. At the same time, the polar board can be made thin to improve battery capacity without reducing battery life. The interior space of the battery tank can also be expanded somewhat.

What are the advantages of gel batteries?

GEL battery is an electrolyte gel without free electrolyte, the probability of acid leakage is much smaller than the previous battery; its injection amount is 10 ~ 15% more than the dilute sulfuric acid and less water loss, so the GEL battery will not fail by water loss; the colloid filling increases the strength of the diaphragm, protects the pole, compensates for the defects of acid shrinkage, not significantly reduces the assembly pressure is one of the reasons for extending the battery life; the colloid fills the gap between the partition and the pole, reduces the internal resistance of GEL battery, and the charging acceptance ability can be improved. Therefore, the over discharge of GEL battery, the ability of recovery, and low-temperature charging and discharge performance is better than AGM batteries; the consistency of GEL battery is much better than similar AGM batteries. In the early stage of GEL battery products, the oxygen composite efficiency is low, but the composite efficiency can reach more than 95% after several months of operation. This phenomenon can also be verified by the water loss speed of the battery, the colloidal sealed lead battery of the first year, reaching 4% ~ 5%, gradually reduced later.

What are the currently existing gel batteries?

There are the following four kinds of gel batteries already mass-produced in China: gas-phase gel, silicon gel, hybrid gel, organic silicon polymer gel.

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