Why use these methods to protect ups battery?

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UPS is called uninterruptible power supply because it can quickly switch to an inverter state during a power outage, so that a computer in use doesn't lose important files to storage because of a sudden power outage. It's not for backup power. If you just want power in case of a power outage, just buy the INVERTER. The average home UPS uses mostly maintenance free Lead acid battery. Ideally, in order to extend the battery life of the UPS, the battery should always be charged "floating" or at constant voltage.High Rate UPS Batteries include 620W High Rate UPS Batteries.

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Why is it so important to keep the right temperature?

Why regular charging and discharging?

Why use the COMMS?

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Why is it so important to keep the right temperature?

In general, environmental temperature is a major factor affecting battery life. General Battery Manufacturers require the best environmental temperature is between 20-25 °C. Although the temperature increases on the battery discharge capacity has improved, but the price paid is the battery life is greatly shortened. According to the test, once the ambient temperature exceeds 25 °C, every increase of 10 °c, the battery life will be shortened by half. Currently, the batteries used by UPS are generally maintenance free, sealed Lead acid battery, with a design life of 5 years, which can only be achieved under the circumstances required by battery manufacturers. Can Not meet the specified environmental requirements, the length of its life there is a great difference. In addition, the increase of ambient temperature will lead to the chemical activity of the battery, which will generate a lot of heat, which in turn will promote the ambient temperature rise, this vicious cycle, will accelerate the shortening of battery life.

Why regular charging and discharging?

The floating charge voltage and discharge voltage of the UPS power supply have been adjusted to the rated value at the time of leaving the factory, and the discharge current increases with the increase of the load, for example, control the number of electronic devices such as microcomputers. In general, the load should not exceed 60% of the rated load of the UPS. In this range, the battery discharge current will not appear excessive discharge. Because UPS is connected to city power for a long time, the storage battery will be in floating charging state for a long time in the service environment with high power supply quality and infrequent occurrence of city power outage, which will lead to the decrease of the activity of mutual conversion between chemical energy and electric energy of the battery, accelerate the aging and shorten the service life. Therefore, generally every 2-3 months should be fully discharged once, discharge time can be based on the battery capacity and load size. After a full load discharge, according to the provisions of more than 8 hours of charging.

Why use the COMMS?

At present, the vast majority of large and medium-sized UPS have such operable performance as communication with microcomputer and program control. The corresponding software is installed on the microcomputer, and the communication between the microcomputer and the UPS can be carried out by running the program through the serial/parallel interface. General with information inquiry, parameter settings, timing settings, automatic shutdown and alarm functions. The information of input voltage, output voltage of UPS, Load Utilization Ratio, battery capacity utilization ratio, in-machine temperature and market frequency can be obtained through information inquiry, you can set UPS basic features, battery life and battery depletion alarms, and more. Through these intelligent operation, greatly facilitated the UPS power supply and its storage battery management.

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