What are the precautions for using OPzV Batteries?

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The OPzV Batteries are designed with colloidal electrolyte and tubular cathode plate and have the advantages of valve control battery (maintenance-free) and open battery (floating charging/cycle life), especially suitable for the backup time of 1 to 20 hours. Unlimited by the service environment or maintenance conditions, the OPzV Batteries are suitable for renewable energy storage systems with large temperature differences and grid instability, or with prolonged electrical conditions. What are the precautions for using OPzV Batteries?

Here is the content list:

•Use precautions

•Safety precautions

OPzV battery

Use precautions

OPzV battery maintenance must be carried out by professionals. The use requirements of the OPzV battery and its charging equipment must be observed. OPzV batteries shall use guards (masks, goggles, gloves, etc. ) when working on or near the battery. Disable chemical cleaning agents (bleaching powder, etc. ) for cleaning the OPzV batteries.

Safety precautions

When connecting or disconnecting any battery pack, you must ensure that the battery pack is in the disconnected position from all the charging devices and loads. Never pull the OPzV battery terminal column to move the battery. No metal tools or wires to be connected on the top of the OPzV battery. Power tools with large torque for OPZV battery connection. Ensure that the OPzV battery polarity is connected correctly, the battery positive to the charger positive, and the negative to the charger negative. Charging cannot be performed in sealed containers and ensures a 5 - 10mm interval between batteries for easy ventilation. Avoid charging in more than 50 ℃ environments. Never remove the OPzV battery or add any substance to the battery. No smoking or open fire near the system. Do not use OPzV batteries with severe over-discharge or overcharging (showing shell expansion, deformation), and the OPzV battery pack must be disconnected from all charging equipment or loads. Do not remove the equipment used to protect the OPzV battery series, such as fuses, isolating switches, etc. Used OPzV batteries must be recycled. Type CCI4 fire extinguishers shall be placed where the OPzV battery is installed.

The OPzV battery is constrained by strong capillary phenomena, and the electrolyte is locked in the microporous system. Therefore, even if the battery shell is accidentally broken, there will still be no electrolyte leakage phenomenon. Small amounts of micropores are not filled by the electrolyte, forming gaps for oxygen to pass through. Oxygen moves from positive electrode to negative electrode and compound water, thus eliminating the need for regular water addition.

The use of OPzV Batteries colloidal technology revolutionized the concept of backup power, giving users more autonomy in different fields. As gas production levels are almost negligible, allowing OPzV Batteries to be mounted on a cabinet or rack, next to the office, or even the equipment. This increases space utilization and reduces the cost of installation and maintenance. Care must be paid to the safety and ventilation conditions prescribed by the State. Champion Power Tech Co., Limited conducts many tests of OPzV Batteries,and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need OPzV Batteries, you can consider our cost-effective products. Champion Power Tech Co., Limited materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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